August Grantt

Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with independent artist August Grantt. Grantt has a new single that is available for pre-save “Disoriented Wonderland” coming out June 22nd. Further information about “Disoriented Wonderland” and Grant’s other works can be found in our artist page. Mustard hopes you enjoy this interview!

1. Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, J.Cole, and Mac Miller records could be spotted in your TikToks. How have these artists influenced you?

Mac Miller is the reason that I rap, but all of these artists have influenced me. I have a tattoo on my left arm with a character from his music video “Come back to earth.” Mac resonated with me on a level to where I think we think very similarly, like our minds; and I think that’s why people say they hear mac miller in my music. I was high on painkillers the day I found out Mac overdosed. This kind of thrusted me to try out the ideas in my head about rapping, I just felt compelled to after he passed. Kid Cudi is where I get my slightly psychedelic hip-hop sound from, His albums are almost like freeing experiences where you can enter his mind for an hour or so. Cudi and logic are two artist that made me really love concept albums. As new as I am to writing the way I am about writing, I am very specific and mathematical to a degree, because of Kendrick perfecting his delivery to the syllable so that you hear and feel what stories he is telling perfectly. J Cole is also one of the many artists I love, but my mom actually put me on to J, and you kind of can’t really listen to J cole without Kendrick, it’s the two kings.

2. Mustard likes to write rhymes as well. What is your songwriting process?

Most of my songs end up being a collection of my thoughts, I get ideas for bars in my head then write them down, once I hear a beat I kind of have an idea of where I want to go with it and then check my notes for references, next I try things, find the rhyme scheme and then try to play around until either the creativity takes over or I move on, it’s all about trying all of your ideas not just the good ones.

3. Could you freestyle for us about condiments?

I could, my ability to freestyle I feel gets hindered because I rap mostly with my phone in my hand, true freestyles are beautiful because they’re so much more powerful in the moment when you really feel the vibe.

4. How long did it take you for to put together your rap album?  Is a second album in the works?

It took from starting an EP and not knowing where it was going in January of this year to restarting and making it an actual album around march and then majority of my album was finished late April early May. It became exactly what I wanted it to, I just wish I didn’t do it during finals week.

The second Album is in the process of being planned out yes.

5. What year do you predict the J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar collaboration album will come out?

If it ever comes out it’ll be after they both retire for good, and it’s probably already finished.

6. “Disoriented Wonderland” comes out June 22nd. Tell us about it.

Beautiful question, the title comes from Being lost or disoriented in your own head which creates your own wonderland. Everyone has been lost in their own heads from time to time so it has relatable subject matter. I was diagnosed bipolar in 2018, and during the time of making the album I had just felt so trapped and smothered by my own thoughts. I wanted to make a project about my own wonderland, I wanted people to feel a shift or cycle of emotions similar to the cycle of mania and depression. So Disoriented Wonderland is my own thoughts being set free and if you listen from start to finish, the album sounds like a trip.

7. Who are your favorite rappers from the: 80s, 90s, 000s, and currently.

Mac Miller will always be my favorite but Jack Harlow the hometown hero is really killing it right now, and then I liked snoop, Ice, Public Enemy, Mr. Shakur, Nas, Em, There’s really a lot of rappers from those era’s, but I’ve been stuck in this generation’s progression of rap for a while now, Kota the friend is one of my favorite artist as of late.

8. What rap beef never happened that you wish did?

I don’t love all the rap beef to be honest, dissing is one thing but sometimes it’s just too much.

9. You’re stranded on a beach. You can only use your surroundings. What type of beat do you make?

I try my absolute hardest to make maracas out of sand and wood and then hit my hand on a nice rock. Banger.

 10. How do you get into music? 

I always liked it, I feel like most people do. I had started writing notes and overtime eventually shared them with people and after a build up of confidence, the death of my favorite rapper and another very loved artist of mine (Mac Miller and XXXtentacion) I felt like if I died, and I didn’t have multiple albums like I’ve dreamed about, I would have wasted my life. Maybe it is a calling.

11. You have almost 20 thousand followers on TikTok. How do you keep followers engaged?

Bro I don’t, I got some buzz from trends and BMX videos, but I just haven’t stayed consistent because I took a break to rap, and now I struggle with the engagement. Maybe I’ll bring the bike back.

12. What advice would you give to new musicians joining TikTok?

Don’t start posting until you have A LOT of content and good content and just know that the algorithm loves consistency, so you’ll always have to keep up with it.

13. Who would you want to play you in a biopic?

A young Leonardo DiCaprio. I saw a low budget movie he did on some app in like 2011, and I think he could play 21-year-old me really well.

Thank you for reading!


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