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Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with High Plateau Productions. They, like Mustard, want to help provide support and give extra exposure to independent musicians. High Plateau Productions produces and books both livestreams and in-person shows for the artists. It is their mission that the artists receive 100% of the pay for their show without anything getting in the way. Mustard hopes you enjoy the interview!

Mustard recommends all independent artists reach out to High Plateau Productions to book a show!

1. Like Mustard you provide a platform – High Plateau Productions to help support artists. What sparked the idea behind High Plateau Productions?

The music industry has changed so much in just the last 10 years. Anybody with garage band can make a song and put it on Spotify, create a meme for their song, and it blows up. I think the industry and the music listening audience in general is missing out on a lot of great Indie artists. It seems to be getting harder and harder to gig, and venues are more than willing to not pay bands to play these days. Offer them a drink and dinner. I am really tired of having artists put so much of their music out there for free. High Plateau Productions was created to help provide another bucket for artists to dip into to have a different audience here their music while getting paid for it.

2. Describe High Plateau Productions for those who have never visited the website.

High Plateau Productions was first created to get musicians into venues, and to keep 100 percent of their ticket sales. A noble concept. With a lot of hard work and networking, High Plateau Productions has partnered with over 300 venues worldwide that are allowing artists to use those spaces and not having to pay a venue fee, or sound fee. Additionally, during the pandemic, HPP created its own livestream platform. We stream any artist for free while allowing them to keep 100 percent of their proceeds. We have also gotten back into managing artists because we have been introduced to some kick ass musicians over the past year and half.

3. High Plateau Productions produces intimate live shows and livestreams. How do these shows come together?

Live shows are pretty simple. Quick phone call to find out what kind of gear the artist has. If they have a smartphone they can stream directly from their phone using an RTMP app we send them, or if they are familiar with OBS, we can stream directly from there. Tickets are put up on eventbrite, with a paid admission ticket and with a donation ticket, that way their killer fan base or relatives can donate more than the ticket price. And the artist keeps 100 percent of their proceeds.

4. If an artist featured on this website wanted to reach out to you, how could they do that?

They can email me directly at or send me an IM on Instagram at @highplateauproductions

5. Would High Plateau Productions be interested in collaborating with this website for a future show?


6. Is there a big difference between setting up livestreams compared to live in house shows?

I provide a special service for house shows if the musician is in the SoCal area. I would actually come out and set up the sound for them, if the house show allows it. But the major difference is still the time and the effort that goes into a livestream. Lots of things have to happen right during a livestream on both ends with decent wifi/cell service. Home shows are a hoot, because once again seeing something so intimate is amazing.

7. What sets High Plateau Productions apart?

Our passion for the Indie artist. Our passion and belief that artists need to stop putting so much free stuff out there. The general fan base is so use to getting things for free nowadays. We walk artists through the process of how to brand, and how to monetize properly. We have built Patreon accounts for musicians and all for free. Not only that, but we do this because we still believe there are good people in the music industry, like you guys!!!!

8. What advice would you give to musicians looking to book a show? Are there any resources they should be aware of?

Understand your limits with technology. Understand that fans want something different during a house show. I want to know how you created the song, I want to know about the chord progressions, I want to know about the tunings of the song. House show and livestreams give artists those created ways to reach a whole different type of audience. Use it!!!

9. Your shows are smaller, more intimate. These shows allow fans a better opportunity to connect with the artists. How does this differ from a stadium or arena show?

Stadium shows… booooooooooo      House shows yeah!!!!  Once again if you are looking to spend a fortune and watch from away and see fireworks then please continue with the stadium shows.  If you want to see pure talent, and people that are still so passionate about their music, take a chance on a house show or an alternative venue show.   Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

10. Why should artists book a show with High Plateau Productions? How can they do so?

We care. We are not here to take money from your pocket. We are here to help you get your music out there. Simple concept. A company that still believes in paying and providing to a band without bending them over.


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