Ska is not dead. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Rather, with the help of Eichlers, the genre of Ska continues to evolve. Released by Bad Time Records on March 25th, “My Checkered Future” introduces listeners to a subsection of ska known as HYPERSKA. For 20 minutes and 32 seconds this album never loses momentum, which is appropriate. Eichers is not alone though in accelerating and pushing the genre forward as they are joined by JER, Tape Girl, Omigone, and BOBOSO.

If you’re looking to reduce your coffee intake, now is the time. This album, much like matcha, provides you an excellent source of energy. Red Bull may give you wings but it does not give you the ability to skank like “My Checkered Future” does.

Mustard recommends you leave the mozzarella sticks in your freezer as they will not be needed to enjoy this album.

This album pairs well with most condiments. It has flavor and is unique. Unlike ketchup.


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