Clout Chasers – JER

JER’s fourth single, Clout Chasers, is an absolute banger. Are we surprised? Mustard is not. JER calls out those who desperately try to seek attention by associating themselves with the scene. Mustard highly recommends you skank to this song in all locations.

That Night – Sarah Catharine

Sarah Catharine returns with “That Night.” Catharine’s songs remind Mustard of well-written novels. Each song, a chapter in itself. If you have not they recommend you go listen to Sarah’s “Thank You for The Content.” As humans like to say, this song is a “whole vibe.”

Out of the blue – Courtney Govan

As coined by her followers this is “depression free song of the summer.” Mustard does not curse often but this song kicks a lot of human butts. If you have suffered depression in anyway and have beat it, this song is for you. While typing this Mustard has listened to it at least five times. It just hits.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! – Half Past Two, Eichlers, We Are The Union

Currently on tour and doing shows together on the west coast; Half Past Two, Eichlers, and We Are The Union have blessed us with a cover of Vengaboys “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!” Mustard recommends you call your friends and skank the night away to this track.


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