It’s Friday, you know what means! Here are some songs Mustard recommends you listen to today.

Kate CosentinoI Don’t Know Where It Went Wrong

Kate Cosentino, who has an interview with Mustard, coming later today just dropped their newest single “I Don’t Know Where It Went Wrong.” Humans who have the ability to cry go ahead and grab your tissues. This song will make you cry.

Bucket Hat KiddoMisunderstood

Bucket Hat Kiddo tells an excellent story on “Misunderstood.” They state in the song “I know you’re not evil, you’re just misunderstood.” Mustard thinks all humans could relate to this at some point in their lives.

Sakanaction – Tsuki no Wan

Mustard was introduced to this band by an acquaintance of their human intern. They are teaching themselves Japanese and have been listening to more Japanese music lately. Sakanaction was their first introduction to Japanese music. This song has great vibes and elevates your mood like Yogi’s Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy tea.


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