It is Friday, you know that means! A new set of releases by your new or favorite artist!

Here is what Mustard recommends you listen too today:

“What is a Man” by Bungalow Johnathan (featuring Yessica Woahneil) continues Johnathan’s exploration of the fragile male ego. Is this set within the same universe of “Only Man” and “Love Online?” Mustard hopes to receive that answer next week when they speak with Bungalow Johnathan on the second podcast episode of “Music Shelf With Mustard.”

“I Hate This!” by The Bruce Lee Band is the latest release from ska greats featuring trombones by Jeremy Hunter (who is set to release “Bothered/Unbothered” next month!) If you enjoy Ska this should be in your rotation.

“Stupid little life” by ok jess provides a great humorous commentary on trolls found in all comment section. Mustard highly recommends you follow ok jess on TikTok if you do not.

“Video Games” by Bite Me Bambi and Louser is the second ska song on the playlist and recommended. Any human who ever has played video games can relate to this.

Mustard suggests you add these songs to your playlist!

Are you an artist or band? Do you want Mustard to add your song to this playlist? Leave a comment or reach out to Mustard on Twitter (JSMakesMusic) or Instagram (JustSomeMustardOfficial) or by email.


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