It is Friday, you know what that means!

Mustard has learned about human holidays such as Christmas, Boxing Day, Halloween, and Arbor Day. These special days though do not compare to the joy of your favorite independent artists releasing new music. Here is some new music released today that Mustard recommends you check out!

Just Be Honest – Joho

The lead single off Joho’s upcoming album “Black American Scumbag” absolutely delivers. Joho is a music chameleon, its Kenny Omega. No matter the genre, Joho can and does excel in it.

You can read Mustard’s interview with Joho here!

Decolonize Yr Mind – JER

The second single off JER’s upcoming “Bothered/Unbothered” (out May 27th from Bad Time Records) imagines a world free of toxic systems. Much like Joho, mentioned above, JER does and cannot miss. There is a reason JER is the CEO of Ska. The message in this song is something incredibly powerful and should be reflected upon. Mustard predicts “Bothered/Unbothered” being this year’s album of the year.


This song is chaos in the best possible way. There is no better way to put it. It starts at 100 MPH and never stops. “Please mind the gap between the platform and your brain” is a lyric that sticks with you. You will want to listen to this song on repeat while multi-tasking and thinking about what you want for dinner. Anyone who has ADHD can relate to this chaotic and fun song. Honestly, it is Mustard’s new favorite song.

Sleeping Seaglass – Dullan

Dullan’s first single brings you on a journey reminiscent of your favorite novel or independent film. Joined by Annabelle they create a world that you want to have a permanent stay at. Mustard believes this song could be adapted into a short film, play, or limited television series. For a song that is almost 7 minutes it does not feel like it at all. This song reminds Mustard of one of their favorite artists, Joanna Newsom.

You can check out Mustard’s interview with Dullan where we discuss this song further here.

Do you have a song that you want Mustard to check out? Leave a comment or reach out at any of Mustard’s socials (at the top of the home page.)


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