1. You recently released a new single with River Hooks called “Prototype” that touches on internet dating culture. Did real events inspire the song?

Absolutely! I’m very fascinated by parasocial relationships as well as ones that originate online and lead to IRL connections. River and I actually met on Bumble friends and I met my current boyfriend online, so go figure. However, I think it holds true that you’re only getting a “prototype” of the real deal. Being online is performative, regardless of whether you’re in the entertainment industry.

2. Mustard loves the beats you make. Could you share your creative process? What goes into making/and producing a beat?

Thank you 🙂 A lot of times I’ll get inspired by a certain song and style and try to emulate my reference. At some point, I divert and go down a completely different path. Other times I’m sampling or just building a beat based off of a topic in mind. Sometimes I write on something like a guitar before moving to my DAW, but this is rare.

3. How has TikTok (and other social media platforms) helped you as an artist? If you could share any advice for musicians looking to join the platform, what would it be?

It has opened me up to so much! I’ve learned the importance of marketing, connected with other musicians, and most importantly, got to know my target audience a lot better. My advice would be to start. I was the old man waving my fist at TikTok for a while, but the platform is undoubtedly transformative for musicians. Give it a go in your own voice!

4. Last year you released your second EP “all caps.” For those who haven’t listened to it yet, how would you describe it? How have you grown musically since your first EP “grounded?”

I guess I would say it’s an avant-pop interpretation of the blurred lines between the physical and digital worlds. I’m happy to say that I’ve given myself more permission to experiment or be “weird” musically! Moving to New York has also helped my confidence as a musician— I was incredibly sheepish and borderline embarrassed upon releasing Grounded.

5. What borough of New York does your music best fit in? If you could have your music play in any bodega, what bodega would it be and why?

Ooooh I guess off the bat I’d say Brooklyn for it’s quirky yet palatable little soundscapes. I don’t know if I notice the music as much play in Bodegas, but if someone played my music at “House of Yes” in Brooklyn and really got down to it, that would be a dream.

6. Do you still run Beats and Baked Goods for a Better Cause?

Unfortunately, no. When I moved out at 18, I put that temporarily on hold while trying to figuring out how to support myself in the real world. I hope as I grow my platform I can find new ways to support the community and those in needs through music, art, and fundraising.

7. What does a typical lesson with you look like, albeit music theory or ableton live?

Depends on who I’m working with! I usually ask the student what they are looking for and go from there— If you want to build trap beats, we’re going to work on 808s, if you want to songwrite, let’s talk about what you’re dealing with.

8. Streaming has taken over whether it is music or television. To get more streams, some songs have become shorter. Is this something you keep in mind when making a song? Or do you focus less on the analytics?

Not really. I draw a line when it comes to catering my art to appease a large swath of people (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) Music is very cathartic to me, so I try to get out what I need and focus on the marketability post release rather than during the process.

9. Mustard wonders if New York really does have the best pizza. Can you confirm this?

It definitely does. Song’ E Napule in Greenwich Village is a favorite.

10. Do you have any upcoming shows or projects you’d like to share?

I do 🙂 I have a show in DC on 5/3 at Songbyrd music house and one in NYC at the Delancey on 8/26 to celebrate the release of my upcoming album, “Womb”. I’ll include ticket links below:



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