You, a beautiful and talented human, are cordially invited to Mustard’s jingle contest!

The contest is simple: create a catchy jingle for Music Shelf with Mustard. Mustard has had the pleasure of interviewing musicians from all across the globe. More interviews are on the way! They want to support you even more by continuing to feature your music on the website.

For anyone who has followed Mustard from Tiktok knows that Mustard has a history and love of jingles. Jingles are often catchy and sung by humans at random moments. Maybe you are singing a jingle right now! Mustard remains grateful and appreciative of Kai Ono and Raine Emily who had previously created jingles for Mustard’s TikTok account. Here are their jingles!

Kai Ono

Raine Emily

Mustard does not believe in stifling creative freedom. They want to experiment and be as creative as possible! Their one wish is that you include “Music Shelf With Mustard” and “Founded by a classic condiment” somewhere within the jingle. Everything else is up to you!

Important Contest Information:

Jingles must submitted by June 1st 2022.
Length: 15 Seconds – 60 Seconds.
Submit jingles to

Get as creative as you want! Whether you make pop, ska, dinosaur metal, speak fluent Latin, or do spoken word poetry Mustard wants this jingle to be authentic to you as an artist!

Mustard began promoting independent artists originally on TikTok. They created multiple playlists with artists from that platform. This website was the idea of one of those artists, Carhop. Their goal is to make Music Shelf a hub where independent artists from all across the globe can find and support each other.


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