Mustard was introduced last week to Brother Julias by Allison Toles. Toles, an independent artist herself (who released a great song in 2020 called “The Defining Decade”) has been advocating on Instagram through her stories that everyone should check out Brother Julias.

As a condiment who loves music, Mustard took Allison up on this suggestion. Julias’s newest single “Alien Girl” had Mustard hooked immediately from a production standpoint. Mustard travels often and frequently, primarily via large CDL shipping trucks, that bring them to all areas of the world. But with “Alien Girl” Mustard did not feel as if they were going to Target, Nando’s, or Walmart. Instead Mustard felt like they were traveling to a jazz club on Mars that Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk cannot gain access or buy their way into.

Brother Julias’s sound is a perfect mixture of jazz, hip hop, and acoustic. Sometimes this does not work and can sound forced or discombobulated. This is not the case though for Brother Julias. Everything sounds natural and flows well. Mustard recommends listening to all of Brother Julias’s singles and you will notice that natural feeling.

Mustard would like to thank Allison Toles for introducing them to Brother Julias. They recommend you treat your ears to “Alien Girl” along with Julias’s other singles out on all streaming platforms.


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