1. Mustard would like to thank you for being here. How are you doing?

Thanks for having me! I’m doing great. I finished some big university projects this year and I’m ready to take a break. I’m also very excited for the summer weather!

2. Who (or what) inspired you to make music? Additionally, who would you say are some of your influences?

My first inspiration definitely comes from Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. I listened to Swan Lake as a kid and just fell in love with ballet music. Other influences include Elton John, Queen, Journey, Cynthia Erivo, Amy Whinehouse and ABBA!

3. When Mustard first listened to your single “Sinking Ash” it felt like they were having an out of bottle experience. Was this your intended outcome for listeners? Could you share more about “Sinking Ash?”

“Sinking Ash” was my first dip with experimenting on alternative pop! There’s definitely a dreamlike/nightmare like vibe that I was going for. There’s a lot of water/drowning themes in the song and it’s definitely about an artist struggling with mental health. An out of body (or bottle) experience is definitely intended, the character in the song is in a sort of state between life and death! 

4. In addition to making music, you also have a Twitch channel. Could you tell us more about your channel?

Twitch is definitely where I have the most fun! It’s a safe space where I sing for a few hours a week and chat with lovely people. I sing both covers and originals with tracks that I built on Logic Pro. It’s generally very wholesome and relaxing.

5. You’ve collaborated with King Aurous on “Sinking Ash” and “Cybernetic Colouring.” How did this partnership happen? Do you have plans to collaborate more in the future? 

I actually met King Aurorus at the University I’m going to! He is a wonderful producer and a great person to work with! I did some vocals for his album “Sunset Designs” and then went on to do “Sinking Ash”, he’s basically my go to producer and I show him basically every song I write. We are collaborating on a project right now, and there will definitely be more collaborations in the future!

6. What is your creative process?

For writing music I usually start with the concept. It’s either a topic I find fascinating or an intense emotion I might be feeling. I then go on to write the core of the piece, a small melodic catch phrase  or verse that will be the most important part of the song, then I build the song around that. Lastly I write the chords and any other instrumentation I might want!

7.  How has social media helped you as an artist?

It has helped me connect with new friends and artists around the world! I’ve loved being able to meet all kinds of people, in turn I end up learning about all kinds of things like producing, new music projects and new artists. It really inspires me to write music when I’m constantly surrounded by it. It has also helped me grow my own artist presence on the internet and I have met some wonderful supporters and friends!

8. Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to share?

Why yes I do! I actually have an upcoming single called “The Muse”! It’s being produced by King Aurorus and I’m so excited about sharing it with the world!

9. Where can readers (and listeners) find your music?

Readers (and listeners) can most easily find my music through my linktree site which I’ve attached here! https://linktr.ee/miarlequin readers will find that “Sinking Ash” is found on various streaming services! (which are shown in the link), I also post bits of covers from my twitch stream on Instagram, and the occasional comedy song on Tiktok (all found in my link tree!)

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