The following contains spoilers from Apple TV’s “The Afterparty.” Please read with caution.

Yasper could have had it all. He could have been a household name. Unfortunately, though, due to some unresolved trauma that would not end up happening. Mustard (along with others) were given glimpses of Yasper’s creative brilliance during his interrogation for the murder of high school best friend Xavier. Ska. Pop. Rock. No matter the genre Yasper had the potential to blow up aligning themselves with the likes of Jay Z and Beyonce.

In high school, Yasper was best friends with star of “Hungry Hungry Hippos” Xavier. Together, in high school, they were in a were in a ska band. With Ska’s current resurgence thanks to artists such as; We Are The Union, Kill Lincoln, Catbite, and Hans Gruber and The Die Hards the duo could have rode the fourth and five wave into ska superstardom.

In Yasper’s mind that was taken away from him by Xavier. The stardom that Xavier achieved should have been Yasper. Xavier would go on to make hits such as “X Marks The G-Spot”, “Somebody Xave Me”, and “Ride My Sleigh” allowing the pop music genre to evolve into multitudes not yet achieved.

At their high school class reunion before the after party Yasper would ask Xavier to bless his track. Xavier, unfulfilled by the conversation, tells Yasper “yeah sure whatever.” Yasper, in a state of delusion, saw this as a sign of acceptance. Could he finally become the mega star that he believed he should be?

That would not be the case. Yasper would grow more frustrated with Xavier. What happens next is truly heartbreaking. Yasper, frustrated with the situation, and himself, would end up pushing Xavier off the balcony of his home during the after-party.

Mustard believes friendships should not end with premeditated murder.


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