Mustard has seen humans, unfortunately, use it as a toothpaste alternative. Rather than delight in of the flavors of mint, bubble gum, and original flavor some have gone to new extremes to guarantee a visit to the dentists office.

Twenty years ago, an artist emerged that inspired humans to have a deeper appreciation for oral hygiene – Chip Skylark. There is a chance that your primary dentist was inspired and motivated to join the profession due to Chip Skylark’s hit song “My Shiny Teeth (and me.)”

Condiments such as myself unfortunately do not have teeth. If we did though, Chip Skylark’s song would be blasting throughout our human bathroom. If Mustard had a family they would shout reminders to their kids from the couch such as “don’t forget to brush your teeth, Rebecca!” or “flossing is fun!”

Mustard hopes that Chip Skylark will receive proper recognition from the dental community for their valiant effort to get everyone to brush their teeth.

Next time you book a dentist appointment ask them either in person, through a virtual consultation, or over the phone – “were you inspired by Chip Skylark?” Who knows what discussion you may create!

Is there an artist you would like Mustard to highlight? Leave a comment!


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