Today is Mt. Seaside day on Music Shelf! Before reading this review, check out Mustard’s interview with the band here. The interview dives in deeper to Mt.Seaside’s debut EP.

Mustard never attended summer camp as a camper. This is due to the fact that most summer camps do not enroll condiments into their program. Nonetheless; they have observed human’s experiences at summer camps thanks to weekly cook-outs, lunch time in a stuffy cafeteria, and the occasional food fight in which Mustard is both used as defense and offense.

Nonetheless, it is apropos that the band has called themselves Mt.Seaside. As the story progresses, “that of a relationship story or the end of a love story.” they can reminisce about their old summer loves while hiking or sitting by the river. It is unfortunate that summer ends and you move away from those who made an impact on you during the summer.

These memories grow stronger for Mustard when the harmonica kicks in on ’19.’ If Mustard was coming to the age; not yet required to pay taxes, bills, or find car insurance that best suits them this is the EP that would narrate that experience of growing up. As mentioned above, not all love lasts as they tell themselves on Last October that they can manage on their own.

Which makes the listener ask themselves, can they truly manage on their own? Once you find that special human (or condiment) they lease out your mind and cap until the story is resolved.

Mt. Seaside’s debut EP is a triumph. The story it tells is relatable, and the listener, can find moments in the EP they can relate too. Do yourself a favor and spend the next 24 minutes listening to this EP. Get in the car if you have to and go to your favorite hiking spot. Drive to the airport and purchase a ticket to Sweden. Wherever you may be or go Sorry, Something, Summer is an excellent companion.


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