Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Indie Pop/Rock Boston outfit, Honey Eyes! We discussed their creative process, their debut single, and their favorite spots in Boston. Check out the interview below!

You can stream their single on the homepage and on all streaming service platforms!

1. Before we begin, Mustard would first like to thank you for being here! How is everyone?

We’re doing well! We just completed our spring semester at Berklee and we’re super excited for the summer. We should have some new show dates announced relatively soon and maybe another single on the way…

2. Mustard, much like Hollywood executives, love a good origin story. Could you share how the band came together?

Our origin story is a fun one. It started with our drummer Dan and our singer Sophia meeting through a mutual friend. Sophia really wanted to gig at local venues and recruited Dan to be the drummer shortly after they met. Dan pulled his roommates Mitchell and Reid into the band as the bassist and guitarist and during our first rehearsal we realized that this group could be something really fun. One day, Mitchell booked a studio to record some of Sophia’s original songs but when we got there, she thought it would be more fun to do something new. So instead, Dan thought of writing an indie rock song and soon enough, Reid made a super catchy riff. Dan and Mitch joined in and Sophia whipped up a melody and lyrics within the next 10 minutes. And that was when we decided to make this an actual band.

3. What is Honey Eye’s creative process?

Our creative process is a pretty simple one. Usually Reid will come into rehearsal with a riff idea or we’ll spitball on a tempo/style for something we want to write while we’re all together. We’ve found that writing together really works for us to just bounce off ideas and make something special.

4. Mustard wonders how you came up with your band name. Are honey eyes ophthalmologists approved?

We came up with our band name from the first time we were in the studio. The song we recorded during that impromptu session was the original demo for our single, Honey Eyes.

5. Who are some of Honey Eye’s influences?

Some of our influences include Peach Pit, The Backseat Lovers, Cage The Elephant and Vulfpeck. One thing we’ve found is that each of us individually pull from our own personal influences when writing our parts and blending that together with the artists we have in common define our sound.

6. Honey eyes play with your mind. Could you share more about the inspiration behind your debut single?

The inspiration for our single comes from a classmate our singer had a crush on. The song is about being tired of putting effort towards someone who is leading you on and not reciprocating any fraction of effort. In other words, it’s about knowing self worth and letting go when you realize that someone does not appreciate everything you do.

7. You recently just performed a show on May 1st. How was that experience? What can listeners expect from a Honey Eyes show? 

Our gig on May 1st was a blast! Midway Cafe was a great venue to play at and we had a handful of friends come to see us. When listeners come to a Honey Eyes show, they can expect energy, great music, and to have a blast watching and interacting with us while we perform. We have fun.

8. What is something about Boston that simply isn’t true? What are Honey Eye’s favorite spots in Boston?

Boston is definitely a lot windier than people say it is. Not enough people talk about how windy Boston can get, especially how bad it gets during the winter. Some of our favorite spots in the city are definitely almost any point along the Charles River, Boston commons and The Fens. Sometimes with people it can get hectic outside but when it calms down, it’s tough not to enjoy the city.

9. Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to share?

We have our next few singles in the works as of now and are working on finding release dates for them. We also hope to have an album complete by the end of summer and maybe even have it ready to release.

10. Where can readers find your music?

Our music is on all streaming platforms! Spotify, Apple Music, you name it.


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