Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Kate Cosentino prior to the release of their debut EP “Note To Self.” You can check out that interview here.

“Note To Self” opens with what Cosentino has described as the non-committal anthem of the year, Emergency Contact. Emergency Contact, like a well-written novel, catches the listeners attention right away with the opening line “I heard your dog died. I ran the red light.” and you proceed to become invested the story that unfolds. Mustard, along with Kate, has observed that current society does not want to commit to human legal acts such as marriage. Understandably so, it is a big commitment. So rather than hoping that their significant other will ask them to marry them, Kate poses the question, will you be my emergency contact? This is a big step and ultimately shows the strength of their relationship. Kate’s songwriting skills mixed with her sense of humor remains sharp and does not hold back.

Emergency Contact transitions to “Imposter Syndrome” which in our current landscape, and the growing popularity of TikTok, is something that many can relate too. Cosentino tries to convince themselves that they do not have Imposter Syndrome. This is a song that Mustard can very much relate too and partially left TikTok for this reason. Kate proclaims that “they don’t feel like the real deal” compared to others who portray themselves on social media as having it all together.

The comparisons do not stop though as “Imposter Syndrome” brings us too “Did I?” which deals with body image. Mustard has observed that society has a very particular (set of standards) that are embedded within society. These “standards” can create expectations that ultimately may be unattainable creating a toxic and negative space. Despite this, Cosentino celebrates themselves and reminds us to treat ourselves with love. If Mustard had the ability to cry they would be doing so at this point. Kate’s writing is so relatable and sharp that even the most acclaimed writers begin to ponder their abilities.

Effortlessly, Cosentino keeps the listener crying as the closing track “I Don’t Know Where It Went Wrong” is about heartbreak of any kind. Kate states she has never been a Doomsday Prepper but is now building walls. This hits you right in the heart or condiment label. Mustard lost Ketchup due to their narcissistic toxic behavior. Do they hope they will change? Of course. But Cosentino lets us know that she cannot ignore how she feels. Neither should the listener.

Mustard believes that “Note to Self” is not only a reminder to Kate but also to the listener. Whether you’re unsure how to proceed in the next steps of your relationship, such as in Emergency Contact, or dealing with mental health issues due to Imposter Syndrome or body issues that you are worthy of love. More importantly, self-love. Loving oneself is not an easy task and takes time. But it does not need to be all at once. It can be in increments that evolve with time.

You can stream “Note to Self” on all streaming platforms!


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