Mustard has observed throughout the years that humans further solidify their identity while attending community college or at a four year institution. While in the cafeteria at Greendale Community College Mustard had the pleasure of listening to Vaughn Miller.

Vaughn had the caught the attention of myself, Britta Perry, and Annie Edison. Miller is a sensitive soul who expresses themselves through song. Vaughn never noticed Mustard, understandably. They did not have the smarts of Annie Edison or the urge to rebel against authority like Britta.

Unfortunately, Britta broke Vaughn’s trust by accidentally sharing a poem he had wrote for her. This led to “Getting Rid of Britta”, a harrowing and heartbreaking song, about a failed relationship. Vaughn’s vulnerability allowed them to open up to his fellow students. Miller also penned a beautiful acoustic song dedicated to Annie Edison.

These were not the only songs that Vaughn had shared with those at Greendale Community College. He had developed an friendship with Pierce Hawthrone, of Hawthrone Wipes. This friendship, much like Britta or Annie, did not last culminating in “Pierce You Are a B.”

Mustard hopes Vaughn Miller is still sharing their songs wherever they may be. Miller’s vulnerability captivated this fellow condiment along with his classmates. While his relationships failed it launched a collection of songs that still sting in this condiment’s front label.

Let us never forget that…

Vaughn is his own person.


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