Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Safe & Sound founder, Simone Martin. We discuss the origins of Safe & Sound, how artists can get involved, and so much more! Check out the interview below!

1. Hello! Mustard would like to thank you for being here. How are you doing?

Thank you for having me! I’m really well!

2. You are the founder of Safe & Sound, a platform that allows artists of all types to perform and express themselves. What inspired you to begin Safe & Sound? Is it true you hosted the first event on your birthday?

Yes it is true that the first open mic I hosted was on my birthday! What inspired me to start doing these open mics was the fact that I wanted to create an outlet for artists to openly express themselves without feeling judged. Growing up as a visual artist, my parents weren’t fully on board with my decision to just paint and draw. They wanted me to go to school and get a degree in nursing or a degree that will “make me money”. With that lack of support for what I wanted to do, it made me want to give back to other up and coming artists. To be the support that I never fully received growing up.

3. How does an artist participate in Safe & Sound? Are there any special requirements? What type of artists can participate?

Any artist can participate! If you rap, sing, do poetry/spoken word, even actors with a monologue can perform! As far as visual artists, we do have people who paint and draw, selling their work during the show. If you were interested in vending you can just message me so I can take a look at your work online. There are no special requirements, you pay the admission fee and, if you choose to perform there will be a sign up sheet at the door.

4. Would you say Safe & Sound has help strengthened the art community? Have any participants become like family? Do you have any regulars? 

I feel like Safe & Sound is beginning to strengthen the art community yes! We’re only 6 months in and so far we have people who came to the first open mic back in November 2021..come to every single event after that! So we do have regulars and those regulars have become my new family. After every event, the new people that perform that night also become family. We get everyone’s social medias and stay connected online by encouraging and rooting each other on!

5. Can readers from outside of Connecticut watch Safe & Sound? Is the event streamed through any social media platforms?

So we do have an Instagram page @__safensound and Facebook page: Safe & Sound. You can follow those pages for updates and watch performances from each open mic! We’re still working on getting it live streamed but for now, we’re actively on Facebook and Instagram.

6. How can readers support Safe & Sound from afar?

 For the readers who aren’t in CT, MA, or NY. Or simply can’t make it.. a simple like, follow and share will help spread the word about Safe & Sound!

7. What artists do you recommend readers check out? 

I recommend you guys checking out our last featured performer Nazareth! She’s a rapper in Hartford and her energy on and off the stage is unmatched! Her Instagram is @__.nazareth

I also recommend listening to the smooth soulful voice of A Marquise! His Instagram is @a.marquise_ybg and he will also be our next featured artist at Safe & Sound in June!


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