As a young condiment, in their developmental years, Mustard became fascinated by the human combat sport known as professional wrestling. Professional wrestling features incredible athleticism of all kinds; grappling, brawling, submission-based, aerial, and hybrid. Wrestlers tell a story both in and out of the ring. Their stories can span weeks or years allowing the audience to become engaged and invested in an upcoming match or promo.

Much like movies or television, wrestling has characters that you immediately become drawn too. For Mustard, that human fighter is Taichi. Taichi, a Suzuki-Gun member, is a wrestler that also delights and amazes the audience every show with their incredible singing. It is a shock to Mustard that Taichi is not performing in opera houses around the world. Talent such as a Taichi should have a Gedo clutch within the opera and music community.

Mustard hopes that will happen soon!


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