Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with London’s Alisha Michelle. Together we discuss their influences, their creative process, their single “LA”, and so much more! Check out the interview below!

1. Hello! Mustard would like to thank you for joining them. How are you doing? 

Hi! Thank you for having me!! I`m doing great, currently on a little break from exam season so i`m taking advantage of that and enjoying the summer weather! 

2. Mustard wonders who (or what) influences your music. 

The artists I listen to myself definitely influence my music, my absolute favorite artist is Bebe Rexha, I love how versatile her music is, you never know what your gonna get. In the same way I love experimenting with new sounds and genres, especially since i`m still developing my sound as a artist! But as of lately, I’ve been really into Dark Pop! 

3. What is your creative process? 

Honestly, my creative process varies but I usually just prefer letting the ideas of a lyric or melody come to me and ill record that into my phone , I feel like that’s how my best songs are written. But other times , especially when there`s something going on in my life that I cant comprehend I love taking time to sit down and channel my feelings into a song. Its always so beautiful seeing it come together! 

4. In your single “LA” Los Angeles is calling your name. Could you share the inspiration behind your single? Is LA someplace you’ve been or would like to go to? 

Yeah! So I wrote that song when I was not feeling confident about making it in the music industry as it is very competitive, at the time I wasn’t where I wanted to be in my career and I used the city LA as a metaphor for a potential, dream life, and putting out that song changed a lot of things for me! I have actually been to LA when I was around 10 but I was too young to remember much, would love to visit again!

5. Alice in Wonderland is your favorite movie. Do you plan to incorporate the world of Alice in Wonderland in future songs? Which version of Alice in Wonderland is your favorite? 

I love this question! I think making a song based on Alice In Wonderland would be everything!!! Thanks for the idea haha no but when Melanie Martinez put out Mad Hatter I was obsessed so I am so down to do something like that! 

6. “Only 1” tears at your absolute heartstrings (or bottle.) What advice would you give to those who may end up in a similar situation? Was this song based on actual events?

This was my first song that I ever put out and I remember being so nervous because of how vulnerable it was , it was based on a situation I had with a friend of mine, I always felt like I was there for them and they never gave the same energy back. So in the song I mention that they’re not the `only one’ who is dealing with personal stuff when I also need their support. If anyone is in a similar situation I would tell them to never feel like you have to keep giving and giving so much to everybody else and be selfish sometimes. Oh and I would make sure they cut that person out their lives, we never need that negative energy!

7. What has been your favorite song to cover? 

I love covering songs because I can switch it up. I usually slow down the original song and add my own twist onto it! I would say my favorite song to cover was probably happier then ever by Billie Eilish I had been listening to that song on repeat and it got a ton of support!  

8. How has social media helped you as an artist?

I love social media! Its helped me to reach so many new supporters and keep updated with them! Its definitely a necessity for Artists! But got to remember to take breaks from it now and again. 

9. Do you have any upcoming projects? Or projects you’d like readers to check out?

I do!! I`m currently working on two new songs and planning to release one of them before July! Its going to be a dark pop type of song, so if your into that genre stay tuned! The other one is more of a Winter vibe, since its slow and has a ton of harmonies!! I’m currently learning how to produce and its going good so far so expect more music so soon!! Cannot wait.

10. Where can readers check out your music?

You can check out my music on all streaming platforms! Just search for Alisha Michelle, appreciate it!


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