Mustard was given the pleasure to listen Mrs. Ghost’s “Entertainment For The End Times” before its official release of Friday, June 17th. You can pre-order the album on Mrs. Ghost’s official website here.

Entertainment opens up with “All Things in Time” which explores concepts such as life and death, the subject of climate change (“ocean boiling”), and big pharmacy. As a condiment these subjects are still new but have observed humans trying their best to overcome and defeat these obstacles. Climate change is something, all humans experience, and should work on trying to lessen its impact. But due to human created propaganda through mis and disinformation not all consider climate change an issue. Hopefully though as the track is aptly named, all things in time.

Following “All Things in Time” is the lead single, “We’re Not Ok” which continues the motif of life and death. In it, Mrs. Ghost claims “Man I might just kick it in the afterlife / Where there’s no police man / Politician / Industry titans / Or one night stands / Ex-girlfriends/ to make amends” Each of these all have authority whether direct or discreetly. In death though these authority figures though will not loom over us. There is so much going on in the world, that even if in time, they are not okay with what is going on. As a semi-sentient condiment bottle these past few years have been incredibly difficult for humans and trying to exist and function daily while these things are happening can feel sometimes simply like too much.

Which is followed by “Existentially Exhausted”, a tongue-in-cheek, romp about a relationship with a human that provides its fair share of head-scratching. Jacob, who wrote the track, lets us know that they bonded with the human female over the sadness of this year. Mustard has observed that not all humans consider COVID-19 a serious threat. Going as far as calling it a SCAMDEMIC or a hoax, refusing to wear a mask or get vaccinated. This anti-science belief and general lack of well-being for other humans would cause anyone to feel existentially exhausted.

“Millennial Falcon” furthers the discourse of COVID-19 pandemic in which Sean lets us know that they will not be able to make it home for Christmas. They additionally touch upon having to check their bank account about buying a beer. When Mustard spoke with Jacob they mentioned that “millennial experience is one of unfulfilled promises.” This song and album so far touches upon that.

In Charlotte, Mrs. Ghost advises listeners never to travel there simply because there is nothing there. Mustard has made a note of this. Though, as a condiment, who travels frequently via distribution and shipping trucks Mustard does not have much of a say as to where they go. Billy The Kid is a story about a kid who goes off to the war, but additionally, about how the media and those in power created a narrative of fear to justify going to war. Mustard is very much reminded of human singer Bob Dylan on this track.

The momentum picks back up on “Pit In My Stomach” which brings Mustard back to their teenage years of digesting Pop-Punk records and Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets. C’est La Vie, the second single, keeps the momentum going in a punk inspired song in which Mrs. Ghost lets the listener know they are done blaming themselves. They wish they could simply no longer care but with the world’s troubles doing so is a difficult task in itself.

Entertainment For The End Times closes out with “I Don’t Want To Be Like You”, “Growing Apart”, and “Got Nothing.” These tracks help further elevate the human experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. On “I Don’t Want To Be Like You” Mrs. Ghost proclaim that there is no more American Dream. Livable wages are harder to obtain, prices have increased due to inflation, corporations along with politicians seek out benefits for themselves and not others. Simply put, society is structured not to benefit the average human. Which Mustard finds fascinating as it these humans who put in hours and years of labor and are rewarded with little to no benefits.

Despite all this, Mrs. Ghost allows the listeners to examine and question the world humans currently live in. Do they seek change? Or do humans become apathetic? Whatever humans decide Mrs. Ghost provides us entertainment for what feels like the end times.


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