Songs for Mom Volume 2 opens up with an acapella version of “Brazil” by Hans Gruber and The Die Hards. Mustard believes this was an excellent choice for an opener as Hans Gruber and The Die Hards bring an incredible energy. If you have not, Mustard recommends checking out their latest album “With a Vengeance.” It is one of Mustard’s favorite records of the year and only gets better with every listen. No energy is lost or wasted on the acapella version of “Brazil.” Mustard believes humans can sing it in their local taverns or during the World Cup and everyone would join in.

Following Hans Gruber and The Die Hard’s is Joey Oblivion’s cover of “Love in Stereo” by The Monks. Not only is Joey a great and supportive human (for those that follow them on Twitter) they are a great singer. Much like The Die Hard’s, Joey’s cover is high octane and high energy. This is a staple and common amongst Ska Punk International releases.

IIan Makes Noise’s cover of “Jolene” provides good vibes for human parents who want to relax by their pool or the beach with a margarita. Mustard can picture mum’s around the world requesting their child play the track again. It is followed by an upbeat cover of “Parachute” by How I Became Invisible. These two songs back to back was an excellent choice.

Jacob Zelman’s cover of “Regretting What I Said” reminds Mustard of something from human television animated show Adventure Time. They could see Marceline singing Zelman’s cover underneath a tree or in response to a situation with Finn (the human.)

Nevertheless, the party keeps going, as Megawave’s “Sunrise, Sunset” cover switches the compilation to a more melancholy yet optimistic mood. The instrumentation and vocals give off almost a Nightmare Before Christmas-esqe aesthetic. Mustard digs this. Following Megawave is Los Ocupado’s cover of “I Shot The Sheriff” that feels laid back while never loosing its groove.

Not From Concrete’s cover of “For What Its Worth” begins the bookend of the compilation. Much like the previous track the groove never loses traction or momentum. Following Not From Concrete is Lumpy’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” that provides a whimsical touch to the Bob Dylan original.

Songs for Moms Volume 2 closes out with Atlas & Orcale’s “Daydream.” whose upbeat energy matches what Hans Gruber and The Die Hard’s kick-started the compilation. Overall, Mustard loves and recommends this compilation. Not only does it go an incredible cause of fighting cancer these covers are a general joy to listen too. Mustard will be revisiting this compilation often and hopes you will too!

You can pre-order Songs For Moms Volume 2 at bandcamp here.


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