In partnership with Ska Punk International, Beautiful Rat Records, has released “Songs For Dads.” Together both Songs for Dads and Moms (put out by Ska Punk International) have a shared goal: to help honor loved ones who have been lost to cancer. All proceeds from both compilations are donated to The Prevent Cancer Foundation, whom Ska Punk International has donated to in the past.

Songs For Dads opens up with Joey Oblivion’s “Heart of Gold.” Oblivion is no stranger to these compilations as they are featured on Songs for Moms with their cover of Love in Stereo. Joey’s thrashing energy checkers past the starting line and kick starts Songs for Dads in a great way.

Following Joey Oblivion is How I Became Invisible’s cover of “Sam Stone.” A common motif between both compilations is that the momentum gained from the opening track is not lost or misdirected. Human fathers would appreciate this consistency. Invisible’s cover of Sam Stone will and should human dads rocking out instead of re-tiling the outdoor pool.

The rocking does not stop as Hexadecibal’s cover of “La Grange” has motivated Mustard to want to purchase an automobile and want to go on a epic road trip. Hexadecibal’s vocals remind Mustard of Clutch albums their human intern used to listen to in their teenage years.

“Wind Beneath My Wings” cover by Sounds Like Mike could be featured in any television or movie montage where the protagonist has regained their confidence and is just belting out in joy. The joy is not lost as “But It’s a Dry Heat” by Holy Schnikes! has ska energy that Ash Ketchum is desperate to catch. To keep the ska flowing Los Ocupado’s cover of “Gotta Get Up.” Mustard remarked on this in their review of “Songs for Moms” but the sequencing of both these compilations have been great and methodical like an RKO from Randy Orton.

“My Old School” by Bergie and The Magic Bag switches up the vibes ever so slightly while guaranteeing that human dads will be bopping along to this cover in their office, garage, or in between Bluey episodes. This track has an Eichlers aura to it which is honestly so sick.

“Subterranean Homesick Blues” by Dylan Perkins provides a nice folk sound that could be enjoyed by a camp fire. Mustard is reminded of old summer memories listening to Perkin’s cover. “Mr. Tanner” by Double Hell Death March keeps the folk vibes in tact giving Mustard to the urge to toss a penny to their local Witcher. Once again, the sequencing on these compilations should be recognized.

“Fast Car” by Bread Crumbs is as infectious as listening to Kimya Dawson for the first time. Following “Fast Car” is Kevin Froleik’s “Pencil Thin Mustache” which is whimsical, western, and experimental. This cover would be an absolute hit in Grunkle Stan’s Mystery Shack.

Phreb’s cover of “Daddy Cool” is in the same space of whimsical and experimental as Froleik’s “Pencil Thin Mustache.” It is abstract yet grounded. “Peaches” by Max Charmer is a stripped back and grungy giving Mustard early punk vibes. “Godzilla” by Scott Making Cents has an early 2000s vibes that inspires an epic battle within a techno night club ala The Matrix. This track reminds Mustard of Marilyn Manson, without the cringe.

“Heart of Glass” by One Exit Down shares similar early 2000 vibes keeping the consistency of these compilations in tact. Every two or three tracks feel partnered within the sequence. Mustard appreciates this. This cover is very atmospheric while putting human fathers into a trance.

The second to last track “Road Movie to Berlin” by Jacob Zelman is fitting. It feels like a closer and commends the listeners attention. Additionally, Mustard believes Zelman’s cover could fit within your favorite RPG.

Closing out the compilation is Ira Virus’s “Seasons in The Sun.” which could also be featured in a human’s favorite RPG or video games. Human fathers love video games Mustard has observed. Mustard is inspired to smash square x triangle circle up down up down left right left right as this compilation closes out.

Overall, “Songs for Dads” much like its partner “Songs for Moms” has a variety of great songs that go to a great cause. Mustard recommends you listen to these both.


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