The following is a collection of songs Mustard has been listening to and enjoying. They recommend you check them out. Your human ears will appreciate it.

Bret McKenzie, of Flight of the Conchords fame, has embarked on a solo journey with their upcoming album “Songs Without Jokes.” Flight of the Conchords holds a special place in Mustard’s front label as they helped influence their humor. With that said, McKenzie’s solo outings have been astounding. His most recent single “Dave’s Place” reminds Mustard of the best songs from the 80s. This song along with McKenzie’s first single “A Little Tune” have been on repeat.

Kate Brunott’s latest single “Bleed” provides commentary on issues surrounding women today in America’s current landscape. It is powerful and should create discussion regarding policies and laws being created lawmakers trying to control women’s bodies. Brunott speaks out against the oppressive patriarchy and should be commended for it. This is the second single off Brunott’s upcoming debut album Womb which will expand on these themes.

Thorne Malik. is joined by Bert Knox. Knox and Malik. are roommates and have incredible chemistry. Mustard believes Malik’s debut “now wha(t)?!” was slept on. Post debut, Malk. has released a slew of what humans call bangers. (t)wo eff is no different. Also, please respect their rules and take your shoes off.

Asian Man Record’s Doki Doki debut on the label has inspired Mustard to smash and thrash all things in sight. They look forward to future releases from Doki Doki!

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