Hello! As a condiment Mustard has a lot of free time. They often are on a shelf waiting to be purchased for human consumption, greed, and potential exploitation. Mustard is not a fan of capitalism or being a product of it. Nonetheless, Mustard has gotten the opportunity to listen to some new music. They recommend you check these songs out too!

Life of Misery single cover.

Human’s who love bands such as Arctic Monkeys will dig “Life of Misery” by Sheffield’s CRUZ. Put on your dancing shoes and convince that Mardy Bum to groove to this. It is a track that you will want to revisit and share with your human friends and family.

Flower Boy album cover.

Norway’s “The Bundy Bunch” follows up the successful “Postman” with their latest release, “Flower Boy.” This song reminds Mustard of garage punk you would see played in feature films, but better. “Flower Boy” was written on the spot and examines toxic masculinity. As a condiment the concept of toxic masculinity is something not yet understood but they enjoy The Bundy Bunch’s response to it.

Tides album cover.

Mustard has previously regarded Joho as the “Kenny Omega” of the music industry. With a collection of albums exploring various styles such as disco and rock Joho is able to do it all. They are able to adjust to any genre and do so with ease. Their latest outing “Tides” from their upcoming album “Black American Scumbag” is the perfect feel-good music. If Mustard was a human they would be down by the beach blasting this (respectfully) on their blanket and relaxing.


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