Review by: Mr. Substitute

Welcome to the home, heart and head of Michael Goldense–professionally known as Our Twilight Pastime. Goldense recently released an EP (their 5th as Our Twilight Pastime) entitled “Reimagined Static,” that I’ve listened to now several times. In 4 tracks, Goldense paints (and that verb seems very appropriate here) a remarkable picture using delicate imagery that really transported me to another place–and as I found after a few listens, that place was right there with the narrator.

In their release on Bandcamp, Goldense wrote “I have been trying to write my lyrics more like how I write poetry: focusing on the little things and describing a moment in time.” I actually read this before listening to the EP and (again, huge English major nerd over here) my interest was piqued by the mentioning of poetry, something I thoroughly enjoy. “Reimagined Static” is wonderful prose that really pulls the listener in, not only describing the scenery but also (and most importantly) the feeling these moments carry with it. 

(A small aside) Creative people: do you ever intake the media you create and have these moments of (let’s call it what it is) creative jealousy? Those “oh that’s a great line, I wish I would have thought of that…” moments? Happens to me all the time. Luckily it’s not so much jealousy now, more of admiration and impressment. With that in mind, “Reimagined Static” is chalked-full of those deeply thoughtful, always-known-yet-never-stated kind of one-liners. 

The sky’s on fire,

the street littered with poetry,

I pocket just a few I like

to keep this simple moment with me.

-Hiding in Plain Sight

Musically speaking, this EP has that “easy-listening” rock feeling to it. The music does exactly what it needs to do: it supports, highlights, and amplifies the great lyrics provided by Goldense, using acoustic rhythm guitar supported by a powerful, driving, distorted lead guitar that comes in for solos, occasionally accompanied with some piano or synthesizer. 
As a whole, “Reimagined Static” brings the listener a sense of familiarity as well as optimism: showing us the macrocosm of these otherwise seemingly small moments all while reminding us of a feeling of longing, wonder or want. Check out “Reimagined Static” on Bandcamp and follow Our Twilight Pastime on Instagram for more updates on his music!


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