Music Shelf is excited to share Vancouver’s Victoria Groff’s first single of 2022, “Moves Like The Devil.” shy of its official release date July 8th! Mustard is grateful for Victoria Groff for allowing Music Shelf to premiere their newest track.

“Moves Like The Devil” (MLTD) for short is a departure from Groff’s usual sound. Groff enters into the pop-rock venue with their latest release that about removing the rose-colored glasses and realizing how toxic your human relationship really is. As a condiment Mustard has not been able to fully comprehend human relationships but they admire humans who create incredible and emotional art such as this.

Groff hopes “Moves Like The Devil” can help warn other humans who may be going through a similar situation. Mustard’s bottle cap is pleased by Groff’s smooth vocal range and their ability to experiment and explore a new genre.

“Moves Like The Devil” officially releases next Friday on all streaming platforms. But you can treat your human ears to it a week early right here on Music Shelf.


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