Mustard loves Fridays. Not because it is the end of the week for humans but because those same humans often release new music on this day. Here is just a collection of new music that Mustard recommends you listen too and stream throughout the day!

Dumped At The Quarters – Bebe Barry

Bebe Barry is back with another, as humans sometimes say, a banger! Barry’s infectious energy on this football (Europe, not American) themed break up song will surely have you chanting in the streets in front of your favorite pub or chain restaurant. Mustard believes this song has incredible replay ability and joins Bebe’s “DON’T HAVE THE DOPAMINE” as some of Mustard’s favorite music released this year.

Dotted Line – Bungalow Jonathan

Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Bungalow Jonathan a few months ago. In our conversation together we found a common interest in Japanese City Pop. Jonathan’s new release “Dotted Line” is inspired by that genre and Mustard is thankful for it. “Dotted Line” is a fun and flirty track about a individual who does not care for small track and only wants to make tender love – with consent. Mustard looks forward to see how the persona of Bungalow Jonathan continues to develop with future releases.

White Guy Emo – Booze Radly

Philadelphia’s five piece punk/emo band Booze Radly has released their first single off their upcoming EP “Lose, Badly” called “White Guy Emo” featuring Gabby Relos of Afloat. “White Guy Emo” is satirical bummer rock song poking fun at songs about exes. Mustard will be reviewing “Lose, Badly” when it arrives in late August. You can also listen to this song on their bandcamp here.

Ilana Degann’s newest track “Ramona” is a powerful song about the feeling like a side character whose is only there to provide growth for someone else. Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Ilana about “Ramona” and other topics that will be posted later today. Be on the look out for that!

Do you have new music coming out? Want Mustard to listen to it? Send it to!


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