Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with San Francisco’s Grooblen. Together we discussed the origin of their name, their experience with theatre, their foundation Big Leap Collective, their debut album “One of Four”, and so much more! Check out the interview below!

1. Before we begin, Mustard would like to thank you for joining them! How are you doing?

mustard! my favorite condiment! i feel like i operate at 85 mph constantly, but doing well.

2. Mustard has observed that humans (Hollywood executives, shareholders, and audience members) enjoy origin stories. Could you share how “Grooblen” came to be? How would you describe Grooblen? Should readers (and listeners) listen to “the initial groobles EP” before listening to your other work?

grooblen is an amalgam of all the silly and surreal musical creations that come up in my brain, it started as a family-given nickname as a baby because i’d crawl around like a little worm and croon “grroooooblen! groooooooblen! groob!”, it feels awfully fitting :)) “the initial groobles” is definitely a super self-produced, raw EP… i’d for sure recommend listening to it for the early iterations of grooblen, but my latest album “One of Four” is a lot more reflective of my current sound!

3. Mustard wonders who (or what) influences you.

lizards, cephalopods, dinosaurs, intimate objects, weird and wacky plants, those around me, existence?? i wanna say?? 

4. Would you say theatre has played a role in your music? Has your involvement in theatre helped shape Grooblen? What is your favorite musical? Do you recommend all humans listen and check out this musical?

FOR SURE. i grew up on musicals, i was a total musical theatre kiddo. i think my early involvement in theatre helped shape the way i view each and every one of grooblen’s live performances as well as some of the ways i compose tunes (especially on the piano). as for favorite musical, holy NUTS, I’ll give you a few! some are kind of deep-cutty but are so damn good and i think reflect a lot of my songwriting.

some more *DEEP CUT* faves are: LIZZIE, ghost quartet, and this really great cabaret-style revue called closer than ever

some “normie” faves are: little shop of horrorsparadesweeney todd

5. You’re the founder and creative director of Big Leap Collective. Could you share more about Big Leap Collective? How can someone get involved?

heck to the YES! big leap collective is a 501c3 music and arts performance and education nonprofit based in the Bay Area. we support independent and diverse artists through inclusive and accessible events, education, and mutual aid through community events and engagement! we have a fabulous hands-on internship program and lots of opportunities for artists to get involved in community, *mostly* all-ages, and ADA-accessible events in the Bay. folks can get learn more and get involved at or shoot a plain ol’ email to ::))

6. Animals and creatures play an important role on your debut LP “One of four.” What animals are your favorite? How could one overcome their fear of something like a Spider?

darn tootin’!! bahaha i have to say, I’m a reptile nerd but i think my favorite animal is the majestic shrimp. they’re such goofy critters. 

if you really want to overcome fears of a spider in your head for example, i recommend going to your happy mind place and remembering that HECK, these little guys are most likely more scared of you than you are of them. 

unless they’re poisonous and terrifying, then i guess just book it. 

7. Mustard wonders what is your creative process. How did your creative process help influence the VR music video for Neuroplasticity?

that’s a FUN ONE! my pal Helene from LA, who makes beautiful art as Honeymoon Supply is the one who created the video. she specializes in this amazing VR interactive and immersive media and created a whole scene for viewers to explore based on how she interpreted Neuroplasticity. we collaborated on some of the imagery but it was mostly Helene who came up with all these creepy cool “dinner guests”! definitely check out her work on her Instagram: @homeymoonsupply

8. Crab Jazz is a fusion of two of Mustard’s favorite things. Could you tell us more about Crab Jazz? Can Crab Jazz be enjoyed at non-nautical locations?

crab jazz is still very much a mystery to me, but i love pretending like i know about it. crab jazz can totally be played at non-nautical locations, but if you want the authentic crab jazz experience, you oughta see crabs squeedle-dee and “whale” at a nautical location. they thrive there best.

9. “One of four” is a reflection of your metaphysical state at the time. As a condiment, Mustard has a hard time grasping the concept of metaphysics. What is metaphysics? Is it something common often experienced by humans?

i like to describe metaphysics as a “flippity-dippity” mental + physical dance. i like to think it’s something all humans experience! that combo of brain and body is hard to avoid ::)) 

10. Do you have any upcoming shows or projects coming up?

darn tootin’. we have some local shows throughout july (all of which can be found on our site or on Instagram @ellieisgrooblen)! I’m currently recording a new solo EP called “a wormhole is” and we’re touring again in November up to Freakout Fest in Seattle- lots of fun things in the near future!

11. Where can readers listen to your music?

all you lovely mustard folks can listen to Grooby tunes(tm) at any of these here linkies:


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