Acoustic punk duo from Long Island, NY consisting of Jeremy Quitko & Travis Johnides better known as Bitters and Distractions have recently released a four-track EP. The EP, “Make Each Day’s Purpose What You Can Recall” is Mustard’s first experience listening to acoustic punk. The energy one would expect from a punk record is on display throughout this EP which is available to listen to bandcamp.

Make Each’s Day Purpose opens up with “Busk Life.” As a a condiment, and after their interview with Eliza May, Mustard has learned more about busking. Busking is more than just something you do in Electronic Art’s life simulator game “The Sims.” It is a way of life and allows you to connect with other humans. Mustard closes their cap and can visualize this song being sung on passionately as humans, disassociated and disconnected, stroll by. Those humans though should disengage from their technology and engage in the lyrics in “Busk Life.”

Following “Busk Life”, energy still intact, is “So Great” reaffirming to the listener that “you’re doing great / you’re doing swell / with all that’s going on no one could tell.” This song motivates Mustard not to give up or quit. Bitters and Distractions inform the listener that they always be here as its a leap year. Mustard is pleased to hear this. If you are sad, in a slump, or need to vent Mustard recommends listening to this song as it will help reassure you.

The second to last track on “Make Each Day’s Purpose What You Can Recall” is “Existentialism in a Car.” Existentialism is a concept too grand for this condiment to grasp just yet. From what they have observed, existentialism is the process of questioning your existence. Or as Bitters and Distractions put it “a series of traffic jams.” Mustard enjoys the contrast from the previous song to this one. It details the complexities of human emotions and existence.

Lastly, the EP closes out with “Tax Day.” Taxes are something some humans want less of or not at all. Mustard is often times taxed at your local supermarket or retail store. They are unsure of the process but know taxes are important and humans get in trouble for committing fraud. Nonetheless, Bitters and Distractions heart “is on display” much like human’s income information every year when filing taxes. By having your human heart on display it will allow others to hopefully feel comfortable enough to be authentic with you.

Mustard very much enjoyed this EP and its messaging. Making each day’s purpose what we recall is dependent on the variables that happened throughout that day. Did you busk? Or feel rejuvenated after being comforted by a friend? Did you contemplate your existence or lay it all out there? How you recall these moments will vary for each of us.

Mustard loves how human this EP is and recommends everyone give it a listen.


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