Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with independent Country artist, Hannah Strumner. Together we discussed their influences, their EP “Cause I Missed You”, their upcoming debut album “Hannah Strumner” (which you can pre-save here) and much more!

1. Mustard would like to thank you for joining them! How are you?

Hi Mustard, I am doing awesome! Especially because I am having this interview with you all! 

2. What role did music play in early life? Do you remember the artist, song, or memory that inspired you to want to make music?

Music played a huge role in my early life, my Uncle played a lot of guitar and my grandfather was a pianist. I was pretty inspired to make music when my dad started to play CD’s in the car for me at a young age. I got bullied at school, so I had a lot of time on my hands since I didn’t hang-out with a lot of my classmates, my guitar really was my peer. My first completed song was about dealing with rude people at school. 

3. Who (or what) inspires you? How do they influence your music?

Well, my parents always inspire me. I know that sounds so cliche, but it is true. They have always taught me to give my all, every single thing I got. I was also inspired by many musical artists who really gave their all when it came to music like Billy Joel, Bobbie Gentry, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Swift. 

4. You wrote your first song when you were six. Do you remember what the song was about?

Yes, the song was about being bullied. It was a complete song with lyrics and everything. I also wrote another song around that time called “Five Hundred Fifty Days.” In fact, on my Instagram, I posted a little clip there.

5. In 2019 you released the EP “Cause I Miss You.” Could you share the process and inspiration behind this EP?

The EP was inspired to have a country-pop vibe. I was experiencing music at the time and how I like production as well. With my upcoming Debut album, the quality has gotten much better and I feel I have a lot more experience with the writing process. The album will also be on CD, not just digital, where the EP was only digital!

6. Mustard noticed a theme of relationships, good or bad, in your songs. How have human relationships helped your songwriting? Are the stories told in your songs based on true events?

Old Phone Line is based on a story of when I was diagnosed as a Type One Diabetic, and realized I was going to be “attached to an old phone line” also known as an insulin pump. It was originally going to be called life-line but I felt like no one really would be able to relate to that, so I thought diabetics would know what I was referring to, but people who just went through a breakup can also relate to the song and have no idea what the true meaning behind it is.

7. “Are You Ready To Let Go” is the single off your upcoming debut album. Could you share more about the story being told in this song?

Yes, so Are You Ready to Let Go came out on June 25th, and is the single to my upcoming July 16th self-titled ‘Hannah Strumner’ album. This song is about the stage in a relationship after one breaks up, spent a few months away, and is ready to move on and let go of those past memories, both good and bad. It basically is saying I am ready to go on a different path, meet different people, and put everything in the past, are you? 

8. What can fans expect from your debut album “Hannah Strumner?”

Oh, fans can expect a lot of variety when it comes to music. From country to pop to punk to rock! I wanted it all because I love experimenting with all sorts of genres. I feel like that makes music so special in general, is how a single genre can change the mood and meaning behind a song.

9. Mustard observed that you like to go live on social media. How does this help you connect with fans? What is apart of a typical live stream?

I love livestreaming on social media because I love connecting with my viewers. I get to a point where I know everyone’s name and I love it! It is so cool to connect with people who support your songs and find them inspiring and helpful. I feel seriously honored to be able to meet the people who listen to them. I usually will play my original songs live in a stream and also talk to fans about their day, asking questions, of giving the behind the scenes information and meaning behind a song. It is really cool! 

10. Where can readers listen to your music?

Readers can listen to my music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, Youtube, Youtube Music, and so on! There will also be a physical CD sold on Amazon! One can pre-order my album now and also watch my music video on Youtube of “Are You Ready to Let Go” featuring Sam Henry.


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