Ohio’s Indie Punk outlet ophelia influenced by bands such as Jimmy Eat World and Anberlin return with a new single July 16th called “Simple Things.” This upcoming single will be released on all streaming platforms!

As a condiment who grew up hearkening to join the Black Parade and had trouble vocalizing their emotions; ophelia.’s “Simple Things” does an excellent job of doing just that. This song allowed Mustard to reminiscence about their teenage condiment years while allowing them to think critically in their now more later years. Mustard has observed that humans who are nostalgic for certain time periods (such as the 80s or 90s) claim everything from that era to be the best ever. ophelia’s “Simple Things” evolves and builds on those previous foundations and creates something fresh. They look forward to what else may be on the horizon for ophelia.

With the human world in chaos Ophelia. wonders why Heaven feels distant on their upcoming track. What can humans do to prevent the climate and political monstrosities that they have caused? Ophelia. has trouble finding hope or help from external sources. This is a single of exploration and contemplation. Rather than blindly accept what you are told, Ophelia. asks questions.

Mustard recommends you check out “Simple Things” on all streaming platforms July 16th!


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