Ska Punk International has had an incredible year so year. With the release of Hans Gruber & The Die Hard’s “With A Vengeance”, their “Songs For Moms Volume 2” compilation with proceeds going to the Prevent Cancer Research, and Holy Schnikes! “Born Under The Power Lines” Ska Punk International has been a label to keep your human eyes on.

The Diddy Kong of Ska Punk International does not hold back blasting barrels on “Blinded by a Black Hole.” You can hear an improvement from Common Sense Kid’s previous outings. Kid started making music during the pandemic and their progression only two years out is remarkable. Blinded by a black hole features synths that will motivate you to take down King K or capture rings while Sonic The Hedgehog is filming their next motion picture.

As a cherry on the top, Blinded by a Black Hole was mastered by Tape Girl. Mustard believes you are guaranteed a smashing track if Tape Girl has mastered or produced it.

Mustard looks forward to what else Common Sense Kid may be hiding underneath or within their inflatable pool.

“Blinded by a Black Hole” is streaming on all platforms!


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