Mustard had the pleasure of Lo(u)ser about their experience film-making, directing videos for ska bands such as We Are The Union, their EP “Super Gwario Kart”, and so much more! Check it out below!

1. Hello! Mustard would like to thank you for joining them. How are you doing? I’m good. I saw a stingray today but didn’t get stung. Is there an astrological forecast associated with that?

2. Mustard wonders how one becomes a chaotic-good wizard. Is there an exclusive school you need to attend? Was this developed naturally? Have you come across chaotic-evil wizards? The wizardry is kind of a maybe-he’s-born-with-it-maybe-it’s-maybelline kind of a situation but the alignment chart is a daily, ritualistic craft. Each action taken re-rolls the dice with a different set of weights and biases, so you gotta be careful. It’s less of a school and more of a religion.

3. Could you share more about your experience in film-making? Was there a music video you saw that inspired you to want to create music videos? I’ve had a camera in my hand since people got sick of me demanding to be in front of theirs. Honestly the music video thing was kind of an afterthought. I like music, wanted to help support bands, and had a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you. But anyway the Lil Jon Turn Down For What music video is probably the greatest of all time.

4. You’ve filmed music videos for incredible ska groups such as Reel Big Fish (who you’ve united), Goldfinger, We Are The Union, NOFX, and Bruce Lee Band. What is your creative and directive process? Could you share any fun moments that happened on set? It’s always a blast working with friends and heroes (who become friends). Maybe one of my favorite things to do is to give Scott Klopfenstein (Reel Big Fish/Littlest Man Band/Solo stuff) as little information as possible about what we’re going to do and then using peer pressure to make him do it. That’s pretty much the process on everything you’ve seen him in of mine.

5. Mustard wonders if you have a favorite video game soundtrack. Did this soundtrack help influence and inspire you to infuse 8-bit into your music? Oof, this one cuts, mustard. Obviously for the licensed music space, Tony Hawk is gonna take the top slot. I’m also really impressed by modern games like the Red Dead series which are able to make the music change with the mood and scenery without obvious cuts. It sounds like the musicians are actually watching you play and scoring it live. But for original, retro music played through ancient sound card synths, I’ve gotta say I’m a huge fan of the Kirby series. Sonic, Mario, Mega Man, they’re all up there too, but Kirby’s Adventure for NES absolutely slaps.

6. Kevin Smith is one of Mustard’s favorite filmmakers. You are the songwriter for the upcoming Clerks 3. If you’re allowed too, could you share more about how that partnership came together?  What Kevin Smith film means the most to you? What Smith film do you recommend every human watch? Unfortunately there’s not much story to tell. Kevin found my music on Twitter, dug it, and I got a contract in my email. But it means the world because he’s on the short list of people who inspired me to do what I do. He made movies outside the system, self financed, and they were great. Maybe I could too? Turns out I’m nowhere near as good as him, but I’m having a fantastic time. Dogma is probably my favorite, and every human and condiment should probably give it a shot.

7. Mustard loves everything about your EP “Super Gwario Kart.” From the title to the songs and the artwork. What GWAR song or album helped inspire this EP? Do you think GWAR would be their own final boss or potential lackeys for Bowser? Could you share more about what went into putting together this EP with Reel Big Fish, We Are The Union, and Suburban Legends? GWAR is pretty much the blueprint, baby. Like if we’re not assassinating world leaders on stage every night and soaking the crowd in blood, wtf are we even doing? I think you might have it twisted, though, as Bowser CLEARLY serves as an underling to Oderus and his court. There’s no way a turtle could have dominion over that.

Basically I’ve done enough favors for enough people that I’m blessed enough to call them in. These people are all fantastic and never once complained that my songs are terrible and beneath them because that’s what friends do: they lie to you to boost your confidence.

8. “Me vs Me” is your latest single. The cover-art features yourself as both Luigi and Waluigi. You claim no-one is stopping you from yourself. Could you share more about this single and your internal conflict? Will this single be a part of a future EP or album? Or is it a standalone? I’ve got no idea what I’m doing as far as release schedule, I’m just making music and doing what I can with it. I’ll probably throw it on an EP at some point? I’m working on new music constantly, but on a back burner so as not to delay the videos for actually talented bands from seeing the light of day.

Like most of my songs, it’s really just about being depressed and continuing to exist for some unknown or perhaps no reason at all. I would have just called it “My Own Worst Enemy” but Lit already covered that base pretty solidly and I don’t think we’ve go to tag up on it.

9. You stream on Twitch. For those who have not joined one of your streams yet, what does a typical stream look like? What is your schedule? I have not streamed really in like a year. I’m the worst. I need to get back on there. I repair old game consoles and cartridges and stuff, and I’ve got such a giant backlog of projects. If you like the satisfaction of pimple popping videos, you may also enjoy watching a nice solder joint get created.

10. What’s next for Lo(u)ser? I’ve got a tube of cinnamon rolls in the fridge and I’m really looking forward to them

11. Where can readers listen to your music? Do you have a preferred platform? Look, wherever you’re listening to music just hit that like/subscribe/follow/heart button on my page and every song I release. And for all the bands you want to support and hear from. We’re all just out here trying to fool the algorithms into liking what we do, and that’s one way you can help. I guess I’m a particular fan of YouTube just because I’ve got music videos for all my songs and even if you hate the song, you may enjoy watching me fuck a Nintendo and become the father of a Game Boy.


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