Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Eliza May last month. This Friday, July 15th, returns with their brand new single “Candy Heart.” Eliza was grateful enough to allow Mustard an early preview of “Candy Heart” and it is entirely infectious much like your favorite treats.

As a condiment and food product made for consumption Mustard loves the of concept of a song about something as sweet as a candy heart. Sugar be darned, “Candy Heart” will provide human ears the rush they’ve been longing for. Dentist may scoff at the idea of enjoying “Candy Heart” but Mustard recommends you temporarily ignore their advice.

Just like sugar, Eliza tells a story of a human trying to figure out how to break down their barriers in the early stages of their relationship. This is important to help strengthen and solidify a base that will provide support for the rest of the relationship. Mustard has observed that much like construction of a home or supermarket having a solid foundation is crucial for a relationship’s success. Humans want relationships that are built on trust and not asbestos.

“Candy Hearts” examines this in a wholesome way that makes Mustard better appreciate the difficulties that humans have to deal with when creating relationships. This is a song you will want to add to your pre, during, and post summer playlists. Eliza May has crafted an incredible and infectious summer song that you will be singing the lyrics too with your best human friends.

Mustard recommends you listen too and check out “Candy Hearts” when it officially releases on all streaming platforms July 15th! It is the second single off Eliza May’s upcoming EP!


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