Connecticut Native Thorne Malik. has been consistently delivering singles this year that simply do not miss. Beginning with “positive” Malik. has been an artist that Mustard believes should be on everyone’s radar.

Since “positive” they have gone on to release “(t)hrowback”, a no nonsense fun banger of a single along with “(t)wo eff” featuring Bert Knox that will motivate all humans to respectfully take their shoes off at the door. Following “two eff” comes their most recent “back n for(t)h” a summer song with Malik. working to coming comes to grips with their relationship. Each of these have been better than the last.

Last year Thorne Malik. released their debut album “now wha(t)?!“ that features great bars along with introspection and reflection. Mustard and Thorne Malik. go way back as they used to work at Channel 3 Kids Camp together. At that time, Malik. was a CIT (counselor in training) but showed promise and potential worthy of being a full-fledged counselor.

Mustard still remembers the night a camper had peed their bed. Without even asking Malik., Malik. had already collected the sheets, helped the camper feel better, and brought them to get washed. This highlights Malik.’s character.

Without relying on typical tropes in hip-hop, Malik. is building a foundation that has construction crews envious. Their soulful introspective rhymes provide comfort allowing listeners to feel better connected to Thorne Malik.

For their birthday (which is today. Go wish them a happy birthday) Malik. is putting on a show tomorrow night in Brooklyn. If you are in the area Mustard recommends you go check it out and enjoy.

Whatever comes next for Thorne Malik. Mustard says, why not check them out? Your human ears will appreciate it.

You can follow them on all their socials and stay up to date here.


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