Illustrated by artist Maddison Chaffer.

Producers Blockhead and Eliot Lipp have joined forces to bring us Liphead. Mustard has some knowledge of Blockhead thanks to their collaboration with Aesop Rock on “Garbology”, one of Mustard’s favorite releases of last year. Liphead creates and mixes low slung electro funk with instrumental beats.

“In The Nude” opens up with “Don’t Worry Be Horny.” which Mustard believes to be on-theme with the title of the album. Mustard has never experienced an album like this but loves the playful nature of the instrumentation. “Don’t Worry Be Horny” makes Mustard feel curiously stimulated while also wanting to take a tour of bodegas throughout the city. The funky vibes on this track are enough to make Mustard want to continue their research on how to shapeshift into becoming a human so they can properly get-down.

Following “Don’t Worry Be Horny” comes “Shallow Halal” which is infused with instrumentation that remind Mustard of late night jazz clubs and Bollywood. The mood shifts towards the end of the track into something more sinister. As if Mettaton from Undertale interrupted the recording process. “Inthenude01” is an interlude that brings Mustard back to their days of consuming nothing but 80s hip-hop.

The fourth track “D.I.A.” is built off what could be considered classic funk while gradually building to a sample that tells the listeners to hold on. Mustard’s bottle cap bopped along to this track the entire time and wants a 10 hour YouTube version of it. At the end there is another mood shift that amplifies the sample “welcome to Denver.” The final few seconds of “D.I.A.” would be a perfect intro for New Japan’s resident “Headbanga” El Phantansmo.

“Proud Dad” starts off with some silky and smooth piano that all fathers could appreciate. It shortly evolves and transitions into a track that gives off major Undertale vibes, almost a “Ruins” aura to it while still being uniquely Lipphead. The violin mid-way throughout the track further emphasizes and elevates “Proud Dad.” If for whatever reason Toby Fox (of Undertale) cannot compose the music for a future game Mustard recommends Lipphead is asked to work on the soundtrack

“The Squirrel from Ipanema” tells an incredible story through its instrumentation of a squirrel from Ipanema trying to discover or fulfill their destiny. Each track on this album is so unique. There is so much variety while never losing Lipphead’s foundation. “Inthenude 02” provides the listener with another interlude that builds from the first. “Soul Baby” feels like an 80s fever dream that would make Stranger Things creators The Duffer Brothers faint on first listen. The 8-bit sounds blended with the synth will allow you to defeat the final boss and give you motivation to stand up that bully who has trouble processing their feelings.

“Rocks In My Pillow” sounds uncomfortable for sleeping humans but the song enacts the opposite feeling for your human ears. The 80s vibes do not go away on this track but puts an emphasize on the jazz influences. Each track on this album does an excellent job of building towards something greater at the end that never allows the listener time to rest.

“Finnegan’s Wakeboard” inspires Mustard to want to surf in shark-infested waters while simultaneously helping rebuild the coral reef humans have slowly destroyed over time. Finnegan’s Wakeboard feels heavier than previous tracks but in a way that does not deter the essence of Lipphead. “Inthenude 03″ is our final interlude and feels more somber and sets up the final two tracks of the album.

“Wait Til You See My Outro” is such a pleasurable and second-to-last closing track. In a way, it feels like Lipphead showing off their skills. A final knockout punch for everything that was built throughout “In The Nude.” The final track on the album “Nocturnal Omissions” does not hold back and proceeds to send this condiment into a hypnotic trance that eventually leads them to a late-night rave where they try to avoid being confronted by the mob that owns the joint.

Overall, “In The Nude” is one of the most unique albums Mustard has ever had the pleasure of listening too. This is an album that Mustard will be revisiting and recommends you listen too. Without any lyrics, besides the samples, the instrumentation and beats created by Eliot Lipp and Blockhead tell incredible stories.

Mustard recommends you listen to this album here.


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