Nehway Sahn Shines on “Better” One song that Mustard has revisited consistently and recommends you check out is "Better" by Nehway Sahn. As a condiment Mustard does not have a firm grasp on everything humans do but there is one action they do comprehend: treating yourself. Mustard believes that this track, released last October, could be the soundtrack to … Continue reading Nehway Sahn Shines on “Better”

Atlas & Oracle “Don’t (Need To) Try”

Atlas & Oracle are an anonymous collective of musicians who met playing jazz together. Jazz though is not the groups main foundation; as its members have a diverse musical background with members such as rock bands, hip-hop groups, pop cover, and orchestras. Their sound is rooted in ska with genre-bending infused with horn arrangements influenced … Continue reading Atlas & Oracle “Don’t (Need To) Try”

A Conversation with reedcee

Mustard had the pleasure of reedcee who just recently announced their upcoming new album Cry Cowboy which we discuss in this interview. Together we discussed their identity, their influences, going viral on TikTok, and so much more! Check it out below! 1. Hello! Mustard would like to thank you and others in the trench coat … Continue reading A Conversation with reedcee