Atlas & Oracle are an anonymous collective of musicians who met playing jazz together. Jazz though is not the groups main foundation; as its members have a diverse musical background with members such as rock bands, hip-hop groups, pop cover, and orchestras.

Their sound is rooted in ska with genre-bending infused with horn arrangements influenced by Streetlight Manifesto. Atlas & Oracle’s classify themselves as synth ska but this track has the elements that will remind listeners of a more classic ska sound. For almost five minutes, Atlas & Oracale reaffirm listeners that their words, ideas, and projects have value.

As a condiment this is a hard concept to grasp but they appreciate Atlas & Oracle giving voice to this situation. Their message on this song is profound: even after you remove the layers of the world that has embedded onto you, deep down, you know who you are in your truest form. Mustard appreciates this message because sometimes it is hard for humans to understand and believe this. They seek outside validation from social media and other sources. Condiments are unable to feel human emotions but Mustard hopes soon that will change. This song further pushes Mustard to achieve that goal. Humans reading this – you and your words do have value. Please do not discredit yourself. It may not be said or shown in a way easily translatable but you do make a difference.

Don’t (Need To) Try is apart of Atlas & Oracle’s living album “Jubilee.” With each new track that is released it is added to that album. This is the sixth single from Jubilee.

Atlas & Oracle’s “Don’t (Need To) Try” is officially streaming on all platforms!


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