One song that Mustard has revisited consistently and recommends you check out is “Better” by Nehway Sahn. As a condiment Mustard does not have a firm grasp on everything humans do but there is one action they do comprehend: treating yourself. Mustard believes that this track, released last October, could be the soundtrack to the relaxing activities that humans sometimes treat themselves too.

For instance, my human intern, loves to take lavender baths with a candle lit and dim lights. This relaxes them and puts them at ease. Sahn’s voice has the same effect. It is soothing, comforting, and makes you feel safe. Whether you’re human day was terrible or incredible this song works in both instances. Mustard hopes that Sahn has plans to release music in the future because their debut is exceptional.

Mustard understands that not all humans treat themselves like they should. Partially because they may feel selfish or not deserving of it. Mustard disagrees. Treat yourself and do not bother yourself with what other humans think. Doing this, Mustard believes, will help put you in a positive space both physically and mentally.

Listen to Nehway Sahn’s “Better” to hopefully get you to that place. Because once you have arrived and have felt that comfort you will not want to leave.


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