Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with London’s Martha May. Together we discussed their time at BIMM, their move from Croatia to London, their influences, their debut single “Breakaway”, and so much more! Check it out below!

1. Hello! Mustard thanks you for being here! How are you doing?

No worries Mustard, I’m doing great and really enjoying summer in London! 

2. You’re powering through your Masters at BIMM. How do you balance being a student and an artist? How has your experience so far at BIMM helped you as an artist?

To be honest, I started this Masters purely to improve myself as an artist. It’s a popular music course, and I have learned so much through it. I don’t find it difficult balancing being a student and an artist as both of these roles have a common goal; to help me become a better and a more successful musician!:)

3. In 2018 you moved to London from Split, Croatia to pursue music full time. Was there a big cultural shift? What spots in Croatia do you recommend humans visit? As a condiment and food product Mustard wonders which location has the better food.

There was a very big cultural shift, and it took me a couple of months to adapt to living in the UK, but now I love it! As for Croatia, I would definitely recommend anyone to travel to Split, as it is the most beautiful town in the world (no bias at all lololo). My hometown has amazing food, and really is the most vibrant place to be in the summer.

4. How has theatre played a role in your career as an artist? Do you implement theatre techniques or warm-ups into your stage performance?

Theatre has been a big influence on me, as I did my bachelor’s degree in Musical Theatre. I definitely still do the warm-ups each time I’m performing, and a lot of acting visualization techniques help me stay present on stage.

5. Who (or what) influences you?

These days, my biggest influences are Lorde, Marina, and LP. They are some of my favorite musicians, and although they offer different things in their music, there is always something magical for me to find in it. As for the inspirations I have in my own life, there’s a lot of it. I usually write about things that happen to me, or someone else. Leaving my home country and living in London is also a common source of inspiration for me:) 

6. You get cast in your dream musical theatre role. What role and show is it?

Fanny Brice in Funny Girl, it’s my favorite musical of all time.

7. Mustard loves the themes of your debut single “Breakaway.”  How did this personal experience help you grow as a human and a songwriter?

Thank you Mustard! Looking at this experience from a new perspective, I think it was bound to happen. Breakaway is the first song I have ever written, and if this negative situation never happened, there would be no Breakaway. I am grateful that I managed to heal myself by writing this inspiring song.

8. Prioritizing yourself is not an easy task. What advice would you give to humans who may be struggling to do this? What are some of your favorite “breakaway” activities that encourage self-discovery?

I would say, try to do at least one thing a day that makes you happy. Even if it’s for less than an hour, give yourself that time to do what YOU want to do in that moment, without feeling guilty about it. As for the ‘breakaway’ activities, I would say being in nature is as good as it gets for me. Taking a walk in the woods or swimming in the sea or river is the closest I get to self-discovery haha.

9. You had your first radio interview on Riverside Radio. What was that experience like?

It was unreal! The radio hosts were very friendly, and the interview went quite smoothly. Riverside Radio kept playing my song every day for a week, and I would tune in each time to hear it again, as it was such a fantastic feeling for me to actually hear my song being played on the radio!

10. What is next on the horizon for Martha May?

Well Mustard I cannot say much yet, but there is a high possibility for a new song showing its face sooner than you might think:)

11. Where can readers listen to your music? Do you have a preferred platform?

My music is on all possible music platforms, but my favorite one, for now, is Spotify, where you can find me under the name Martha May (yellow profile pic)!!!


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