Abigail Neilson has never been an artist to hold-back. Throughout her discography you can follow the thread, weaved with exception storytelling, that eventually catches flame on their newest single “Burn It Down.” Neilson explained in her interview with Mustard that this song was written “unexpectedly about two weeks” before they went to Nashville.

Storytelling remains a strong-point for Neilson as the situation she paints on “Burn It Down” could not be clearer. Her admiration for artists such as Taylor Swift can be found throughout her songwriting. This song, ultimately, is about realizing you have outgrown the human you love and moving on from them. Mustard has observed that this is no easy task. For anyone who follows Abigail Neilson on social media knows how resilient she is. “Burn It Down” is proof of that.

Mustard believes you do not need to be a country fan to enjoy this song. It has all the elements in it that hook you in just like your favorite human television shows or movies. “Burn It Down” is an empowering and vibrant country anthem. Growth is important in all aspects of human life Mustard once heard in a academic lecture. Neilson’s return on “Burn It Down” highlights and exemplifies just how important that it is even if it is difficult to accomplish.

“Burn It Down” is streaming now on all platforms!


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