Officially out August 6th Mustard was graciously granted an opportunity to listen to 3 AM’s next outing an EP known titled “3 Awkward Raps.” For those who may not know, Mustard considers themselves a hip-hop bottle cap. Growing up as a young condiment they were inspired and influenced by independent artists from the Strange Famous Records and Rhymesayers rosters while having an appreciation for the culture and its history.

When 3 AM approached Mustard to review this EP they were elated. One of Mustard’s goal is to feature more rap on this website. Together we connected over shared favorites such as Aesop Rock. Mustard recommends you listen to Aesop Rock as your human ears will be delighted you did.

Nonetheless, 3 Awkward Raps opens with “Monsoon Season” that features some dense lyricism over a tangy banjo. They repeat that “the clouds are coming” and infer that a monsoon is on its way. Throughout this track 3 AM ponders how they should spend the rest of their days. What do they pack? Do they confess their sins? Do they sink or swim? 3 AM knows that “no one is going to come to save us.” It is just them versus the Monsoon. Mustard wonders if this track alludes to human-caused climate change. Climate change is a serious issue that should be dealt with and not sidelined due to corporate and political interest.

Following Monsoon Season is “Finalboss.” You can often find a final boss in video games, often played and enjoyed by humans. In this case, 3 AM are the final boss. This track is from the perspective of the final boss who cannot be bothered by the protagonist’s samurai sword. They do appreciate the protagonist’s tactics but make it aware that they will “get their ass kicked.” Finalboss is a fun song that gamers and non-gamers can enjoy. Mustard could see this song being used on Apple TV’s “Mystic Quest” in a montage or apart of a Twitch stream.

Closing out 3 Awkward Raps is “sticks” which continues the video game theme from the previous track while incorporating musical instrument drums. 3 AM let us know that they will be grabbing the drumsticks and the joysticks and playing the game “all day bitch.” This may annoy their neighbor but 3 AM is not bothered. Mustard is a big fan of The Lonely Island and “sticks” reminded them most of a Lonely Island song. “Sticks” could easily be a SNL digital short.

Overall this is a really fun EP! Mustard really enjoyed how humorous the songs were despite the implied seriousness of a monsoon on the first track. But even then, the song was humorous and made in a light hearted manner.

Mustard recommends you check out 3 AM’s “3 Awkward Raps” officially out August 6th on all streaming platforms.


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