Mustard has observed that two things are inevitable for humans: death and taxes. While these two subjects are frowned upon by humans, understandably, there is shared interest. Dylan Perkins contemplates life and in fact, welcomes, their end on the first verse of the song. What would be considered morbid and unsettling is offset by Perkins enthusiastic vocals.

Following the first verse and without taking a breath Perkins asks us to “take away my stagnant student debt.” This is not the first time student debt has come in an review or interview Mustard has done. Mustard believes that a human’s education should be free as everyone should strive to learn and better themselves. Unfortunately though, Perkins, lives in a world ran by greed and self-interest. This does not benefit humans nor entices them to want to pursue higher education as loans are expected.

The meat of “Death and Taxes” is Perkins celebrates being free of responsibility that human life puts upon you. Better yet, Perkins is not even twenty-five as they also proclaim on the track.

Humans are consistently busy and depending on their location on this planet which some are haphazardly destroying lack benefits such as healthcare, insurance, and opportunities that can be purchased by a rich father. As a condiment this thought exhausts them.

Now in death, Dylan has time for the things they love. “Death and Taxes” is a statement on the condition of human life.

Mustard looks forward to future releases from Dylan Perkins. You can stream this song on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms!


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