Maxine Edmonds’s debut “Advil in California” is an absolute delight. Mustard has observed that humans use over-the-counter medicines such as Advil, Tylenol, or Ibuprofen to ease any pain they may be feeling. Rather than relying on tired tropes used within break up songs. The metaphor for the human being the painkiller is a nice twist.

Edmond’s states “I left my Advil in my California / think its time that I finally ignore ya” which shows that they no longer are reliant on the painkiller. This is a big moment as addiction to painkillers such as Advil is common issue for humans. Sometimes, even exploited to keep the manufacturers happy by growing their profits. Mustard does not agree with the lack of ethics that corporations ignore and turn away from.

Nonetheless, Edmonds lets it be known that “You really cause more pain than you took away.” This highlights the downsides of the medication and Edmond’s relationship.

“Advil in California” is an empowering and catchy surf-pop anthem. This single has Mustard excited for future releases from Maxine Edmonds and looks forward to more clever songwriting.

You can find “Advil in California” on all streaming platforms!


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