Hannah Strumner was gracious enough to allow Mustard an early preview of their upcoming self-titled debut album “Hannah Strumner.” Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Hannah recently where we discussed this album along with their inspirations, influences, and so much more.

“Hannah Strumner” is available now on all streaming platforms! You can also find Hannah’s debut album on Amazon.

Hannah’s debut album kicks off with the twangy yet rocking “Five Mile Road.” This break-up track provides listeners with curiosity as they wonder what happened “down the five mile road.” Whatever it may be this hook, along with the song itself, never loses momentum. Mustard can see this song being a great opener at live shows as well. Hannah passionately makes a statement: she is not falling for human men’s tricks again. Understandably. Mustard has observed their deception.

Following “Five Mile Road” is “The Train.” Mustard wonders if the events that happen on the train take place after five mile road? Or is this a whole separate situation together? As an apologetic fan of the harmonica Mustard enjoys the instrumentation on this track.

The third track “Postcard” has elements of the essential Hootie & The Blowfish while being a fun country jam that is perfect for those from a small-town who aspire to see the big city. Truth be told, if “Hart of Dixie” was still around, the show-runners would be foolish to not have Hannah perform this on the show.

Halfway through the album “Brown Eyes” is a combination of pop-punk and country guaranteed to get lonely cowboys off their bar stool and onto the dance floor. This rocking song has a great energy that never lets up. Mustard is enjoying the variety so far featured on this album. Hannah shows great range. All of these songs so far are destined to keep her audience at future shows hyped and engaged.

There is a switch in mood on “Fool School.” In their interview with Mustard, Hannah touched upon being bullied in human school and this song touches upon that. Mustard recommends nobody bullies anyone. Nobody truly ever knows what someone is going on and how it affects them. “Fool School” is slower than the previous tracks but the passion is not lost.

“Hit and Run” reminds this condiment of the tunes of Alanis Morissette. Collectively; Brown Eyes, Fool School, and “Hit and Run” string together a rocking sequence. Mustard has attended their fair share of country concerts, and they know they keep repeating this point, but concert goers are going to love this album. The songs so far on Hannah’s debut will provide for a great date night or general fun night out on the town.

The second to last track is the lead single off the album “Are You Ready To Let Go?” which Mustard considers to be the most country sounding song track featured throughout. Joined by Sam Henry “Are You Ready To Let Go?” is a great duet that is fun and easy to sing along too.

Closing the album is “Lost Inside My Mind.” Is Hannah lost in their mind after the events of the five mile road? Mustard wonders. Lost Inside My Mind is a whistling poppy sure to be crowd favorite. Mustard is picturing humans, hopefully, safely distant apart from one another singing along to this song in a fun concert environment. Whether it is at a festival, county fair, or on your favorite radio station this song has all the perfect elements to be a big hit for Hannah.

Mustard loves the variety of this album. Everything from pop, country, rock, and even pop-punk are highlighted on Hannah’s self-titled debut. Mustard will be surprised if in a few months, or even a year, if Hannah is not headlining fairs and other big stages with this album. They recommend you check it out when it hits all streaming platforms on July 16th!


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