Mustard’s favorite day of the week is Friday, because more often than not, that means human musicians premiere new music for us to enjoy and listen too! Here are just a handful of new songs that Mustard enjoys and recommend you check out!

conscience + necrosis by iffin

cover by eleanor dumouchel (IG @rat_paws_band)

Mustard absolutely digs the sound and style of this track. Brittle-pop is a genre that Mustard hopes to explore more of. This track is a follow up from their March 2021 release “when the paper graves” which can also be found on Bandcamp.

Dream Girl – Danny Bauer

Chicago’s Danny Bauer has returned with the playful yet sad Dream Girl.” To help promote the single Bauer had been doing the rounds on Omegle accepting song requests from strangers. Danny blends whimsical storytelling with an excellent arrangement. This song will be stuck in your human mind for days to come.

dedica(t)ion – Thorne Malik. featuring Gmoneygrip

Thorne Malik. has been one of 2022’s most consistent artists. This is their fifth single of the year and is “dedicated to things they’ve left on their journey and to friends, family, and fans who have supported them along the way” in a statement on Instagram.

Best Wishes, Warmest Regards – The Abruptors

“Best Wishes, Warmest Regards” is the first single off The Abruptors upcoming album “Noticeably Cheerless” from Asian Man Records. Asian Man Records is one of the best labels around and consistently delivers great albums. Mustard looks forward to the full record!

As It Was – Skatune Network

Skatune Network’s (JER) cover of “As It Was” by Harry Styles will make you forget what the original song sounds like. If you do not follow Skatune Network on YouTube or other platforms Mustard recommends you do so.


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