Mustard had the pleasure of previewing Erie, PA’s nostalgia-pop band Crooner’s latest album “Heaven in a Hurry.” It is out now on all streaming platforms!

“Heaven in a Hurry” opens up with “Voice of God”, which like an actual God would, captivates your attention with the opening line “woke up this morning to the voice of God / it sounded just like my neighbors shotgun.” Reminding Mustard very much of Death Cab for Cutie, a band instrumental during their development at the manufacturer the lyrics contrast the pop-folk arrangements. There is a sample at the end of the track that further elevates the story told throughout the song.

Following “Voice of God” is the title track, “Heaven in a Hurry.” Much like the opening track, there is a juxtaposition between lyrics and music. For some humans, going to Heaven is what they dedicate their entire lives too. Being able to finally meet God after following their commands brings unbridled joy. But, if you listen closely, the situations that take place in the song are anything but. This juxtaposition highlights how complex human life truly is.

“Better Ways” keeps the brightness going and highlights the contrast of our existence. The first verse deals with the layers that humans have while figuring out alternatives to doing things. “Deeper” reminds Mustard of a Western utopia where water is bare but the community remains optimistic that rain or a thunderstorm is on its way. “Flow Deep” continues the Western twang and feels like it could have been on the Garden State soundtrack. That is not an insult as the Garden State soundtrack was instrumental in Mustard’s development during their teenage condiment years.

Crooner has the masterful ability of blending the sounds of The Shins and Deathcab For Cutie while still sounding uniquely their own.

“DIVINE” returns the upbeat playfulness that the first couple tracks had. In Divine “they’re giving all that’s left” and that is apparent. The passion and momentum picks up on this single. “INTERVENTION” is epic and sounds like it would be apart of a training video in Apple TV’s Severance. “Untethered Moon” opens with clapping from a studio audience and has a distorted sound. It reminds Mustard of one of their favorite bands, R.E.M. The distorted effect makes sense as the moon is untethered which could cause many problems.

“Better Than I Found It” keeps the experimental and acoustic vibes going. In it they state “their God lives on the beach” which sounds pretty chill. Crooner though hopes to leave the world though better than they found it. Mustard respects that as humans should work on setting up the future for success rather than failure.

When We Die” asks the questions, “when I die will I see you again?” This is an important and heavy question humans often think about. The sound on this is stripped back and spacey, with brief UFO sounds intertwined. They also ask “when I die, will you be thinking of me?” Humans hope that when they pass they will be remembered for all they have done.

The last three tracks close out what is a very enjoyable album. Fans of Deathcab for Cutie or The Shins will love this albums sound. This record is a lot more optimistic than their debut “We’re Gonna Live Forever.”

Mustard recommends you check this album out and absorb its sound and lyrics. The storytelling is wonderful and worth listening too. Reflection is important and this album allows you to do so. Even if it may be hard to swallow or think about is going on, it is better than flat out ignoring it. Heaven in a Hurry allows you to do without stress or judgment.


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