Review by: Mr. Substitute

The words “desert” and “dessert” are words that commonly get mistakenly interchanged or even confused, which is ironic because they are essentially entirely opposite things: one is hot, large and dry while the other is cold, small and well, not usually dry. Dissonant Dessert’s latest album “Absurd, Obscene!” is the Ice Cream Man in a desert oasis. This was a delicious experience. Hearing this album for the first time took me on a psychedelic experience that wonderfully involved zero drugs. I listened to it through my bluetooth earphones (highly recommended, or at least through headphones) as I was doing some chores and several times I found myself stopping and going “Oh wow… ok this is new.” I made sure I came back and enjoyed this album a second time all the way through and it is a journey of an album, truly transcendental.

Nothing gets me going like a concept album that is best enjoyed from start-to-finish, and what is always appreciated is when the album starts with a track that introduces you to what’s to come. “Absurd, Obscene!” starts and ends with this chilling, well, (and yes, this was what I thought hearing it the first time) a dissonant dessert. Chaotic, cryptic, cacophonous at times, and yet, deliberate, developmental, and decadent. The album’s third track, “Hairy Sink” immediately caught my attention, took hold, and put me in a Clockwork Orange-like contraption that kept my eyes open–and I enjoyed every second of it. Collaborating with artists like Taylor Ngiri, Nexus J, King dom cummies, and Ayanna Woods, everyone put their mark on a track that perfectly reflects the album’s juxtaposition of styles.

Self-described as “Scatterbrained Sounds” in an interview with Mustard, Dissonant Dessert’s story is as unique as their sound (and yes, as you would guess, drugs were involved). “Absurd, Obscene!” feels like the cultivation, summation, and perfection of their previous releases. While I would classify their previous work as a bit more eccentric, “Absurd, Obscene!” is very digestible and very delicious, if it’s your thing. I enjoyed it, and I wouldn’t even consider this my “thing.” This album is absolutely worth a once-over. Check it out on Spotify, and enjoy the trip. *Wink*


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