Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with London’s Vic Allen who recently released their breakup single “Confetti.” Together we discussed their inspirations, traveling and visiting Nashville, their latest single, and so much more! Check it out below!

1. Hello! Mustard is grateful to have you join them! How are you doing today?

Thank you for having me! I am very well thanks. The weather is beautiful and I’m currently hanging out with my sausage dog Roo.

2. Your music takes inspiration from your adventures, love, and life. Where is your favorite place to travel to? How does this location help inspire and influence your songwriting? As a condiment could you share more about love and what it is all about?

I obviously love visiting Nashville, of course, because it has such an inspiring music scene and I have so many friends there. I also love western USA because of the incredible scenery and big open roads that just make me feel so alive. I’ve had some great adventures in that part of the world and it’s inspired a lot of songs. 

As for love, it’s about feeling intense feelings for someone that you can’t control 

3. Modern country music is an influence of yours as well. Which artists inspire you the most? How can those, who may not listen to modern country, come to better appreciate it? Is there a big difference between American and UK country artists?

I’m very much inspired by Taylor Swift of course because she’s an incredible songwriter. I also love Kacey Musgraves, Sam Hunt and Maddie & Tae, to name a few, but recently I’ve been listening to a huge variety of different stuff and not so much country. 

4. John Mayer walks into the room and asks to collaborate. What kind of song do you end up writing?

We don’t write I just die on the spot   

5. Nashville is a place you enjoy traveling to. What about Nashville helps inspire you as an artist? Do you have a favorite local spot to go? Where do you recommend readers check out if in the city?

I think I’m just inspired by people’s creativity and how willing everyone is to collaborate, as well as the amazing songs that are written. It’s a great place and one of the friendliest places I know. 

As for local spots, I love Red Door for a drink in the evening. There’s a little diner I love called Nashville Biscuit House that does awesome breakfasts. I love the breakfasts in Nashville. There are so many places I’d recommend but I think most of them revolve around food! If you’re a country music fan, definitely go to the Opry and check out a writer’s round somewhere like The Listening Room or The Bluebird. 

6. You’ve really grown your following on social media platform TikTok. How has this platform helped grow your base and introduced you to new fans? Do you have any tips for those trying to utilize the platform as an artist?

I started using TikTok in lockdown and it’s been great. One of the things I did back then was live stream A LOT. Almost every night actually.  That really helped to grow my audience and it was a great way to connect with people. For new users, I’d say 1) Be consistent 2) Be creative 3) Be patient (like reeeeally patient!)

7. In 2016 you released “The Missing Piece.” You just released your newest single “Confetti.” Would you say you’ve grown as a songwriter since then? Was that missing piece eventually discovered?

I like to think that I have DEFINITELY grown since then! I’m really proud of the songs I’ve released over the last few months and I think my writing, while it hasn’t changed too much, has become a lot stronger. As for finding the missing piece, I definitely know who I am more than I did back then!

8. What can you tell us about your newest single Confetti? Any chance this is a part of your full-length project?

It’s a little different to my previous tracks because I wrote it on the piano! I’ve written songs on the piano before, but only during co-writes where someone else is playing. I only started learning to play over the last couple of years, and this is the first song I’ve released where I wrote the piano part myself, so I’m excited about it! It’s a sad, wistful song about a relationship that ended before it fully began. 

9. Do you have any upcoming shows?

Not at the moment, but I’m hoping to book some soon! 

10. Where can readers listen to your music?

Everywhere! I’m on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes etc, so take your pick! 


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